The 27th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival Opening Ceremony to be Held on December 12

Updated : 2023-12-08Source : CCFAO
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On December 6, the Information Office of the People's Government Jilin Province held the 7th session of the 2023-2024 Snow Season Series Press Conferences.


Deputy Mayor Zhao Xian introduced relevant details about the 27th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival. The Festival will be held from November 2023 to March 2024, under the theme of "Urban Ice and Snow · Gathering in Changchun" and its opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on December 12 at 7:00 PM at Changchun New World of Ice and Snow, a world-class ice and snow theme park.


For the new snow season, Changchun New World of Ice and Snow has undergone comprehensive upgrades, covering an area of 1.56 million square meters, with a total ice and snow volume of 738,000 cubic meters, including 428,000 cubic meters of ice and 310,000 cubic meters of snow. The venue features 120 sets of ice and snow structures and five main thematic zones including Ice and Snow Silk Road Zone, Soaring Dragon and Flourishing Age Zone, Ice and Snow Film Capital Zone, Little Explorer Zone, and Childhood Joy Ice Zone, as well as 30 experience entertainment projects and over 500 performance activities, setting new historical records. Notably, Changchun New World of Ice and Snow has collaborated with the design team of "Shuey Rhon Rhon" and incorporated "digital technology + national tide IP + fashion elements" to create a giant "Shuey Rhon Rhon" sculpture through comprehensive improvement of the design of the project. Well-known national tide IP "Fat Tiger + Fat Dragon" has been introduced, seamlessly integrating with the park's environment and zone themes. A 3D Snow Sculpture Enhanced Projection Show has been developed to make static snow sculptures come to life through a 3D immersive visual experience. Additionally, the "Antarctic Ten-Thousand-Year Ice Core" will be on time-limited display, and visitors can make appointments by queuing to view it on the scene.


Changchun's various ice and snow theme parks will also make dazzling appearances in the new snow season. Ten major ice and snow parks, including Jinyue Snow World and Changchun North Lake · Secret Snow Valley, 40 ice and snow entertainment venues, and other ice and snow tourism products, are scheduled to be gradually launched in early to mid-December.


Furthermore, in the snow season, Changchun will construct over 130 ice and snow sculptures in key streets, units, and important places in the main urban area. One hundred outdoor ice rinks will be built in scenic spots, schools, parks, squares, and other areas to highlight building facade lighting along key city streets and create an overall urban ice and snow atmosphere.


Hosting High-standard Events


Showcasing the Brand Image of the Changchun Ice and Snow Festival


The 2023-2024 snow season in Changchun will feature a multitude of highlights in its ice and snow events. With the 27th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival as the central theme and five major sectors of "Ice and Snow Tourism", "Ice and Snow Culture", "Ice and Snow Sports", "Ice and Snow Study Tours", and "Ice and Snow Trade" as the focus, a total of 10 major activities and over 140 series of activities will be held.


In terms of major activities, Changchun New World of Ice and Snow will open simultaneously with the opening ceremony of the 27th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival on December 12. Major activities include "Love of Ice and Snow" Grand Symphony Concert, the 22nd Vasaloppet China, Vasaloppet "Ice and Snow Angel" Selection, FIS Freestyle Ski Aerials World Cup, Launch Ceremony of the "Chasing Dreams on Ice and Snow · Embracing the Future" National School Ice and Snow Sports Series Competitions, the 10th National Public Ice and Snow Season Sub-Venue & the 2023 "Healthy Jilin · Joyful Ice and Snow" National Fitness Series Events Launch Ceremony, the Release of the China Ski Resort Competitiveness Index Report & the Ice and Snow Industry High-Quality Development Summit Forum, the 14th Winter Agricultural Expo, the 3rd Changchun Youth Urban Ice and Snow Fashion Season Series Events, and the Launch Ceremony of the "Shining Together in Changchun" City Light and Shadow Ice and Snow Season will be held successively.


       Besides hosting ice and snow tourism festivals in various counties and (cities) districts, Changchun will carry out a series of ice and snow tourism activities, including Nationwide Ice and Snow Mobilization, Animated Ice and Snow Carnivals, Fantastic Snow World Play Season, Winter Fishing, Ice and Snow Fairy Tale Season, Ice and Snow Parade, Ice and Snow New Year's Eve, Ice and Snow Food Festival, Village Picking Festival, Rural Folk Festival, and Funny Ski Festival, among other special ice and snow activities.


Additionally, a series of ice and snow cultural activities will be planned and held, including Changchun Ice and Snow Theme Painting Exhibition, the 27th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival Dramatic Music Performance, "Going to Changchun to View Ice and Snow" National Photo Shoot with Meipai, the selection of Changchun's Top 10 Ice and Snow Entertainment Places, Changchun Ice and Snow Party, the 2nd China Changchun Script Entertainment Festival, and other ice and snow theme activities. And more than 200 mass ice and snow cultural activities, including Ice and Snow Sculpture Competition, Yangko Dance Competition, and New Year's Shopping Fair, will be held simultaneously.


Changchun will also organize various domestic and international ice and snow sports events, such as FIS Freestyle Ski Aerials World Cup and Asian Cup, 2023-2024 Season National Freestyle Ski Aerials Championship, National College Student Long-distance Cross-country Skiing Competition, National Snow Football Invitational Tournament, National Winter Camping Conference, "Ice and Snow Silk Road" Cup Powder Snow League, 2024 Changchun Ice and Snow Short Track Car Rally, and Changchun's First Winter Workers' Ice and Snow Sports Meeting. Mass ice and snow sports will be carried out extensively, along with a series of winter nationwide fitness activities.


In addition, a series of ice and snow study tour activities will be organized, including Changchun Primary and Secondary School Students Sports Meeting, Campus Ice and Snow Art Festival, Campus Ice and Snow Creative Works Exhibition, Ice and Snow Winter Camps, and Campus Ice and Snow Competitions. The city will organize ice and snow classes inside and outside schools for primary and secondary school students and conduct training in ice sports, cross-country skiing, and alpine skiing to promote the popularization of youth ice and snow sports and achieve the goal of "a million students playing on ice and snow".


In terms of a series of ice and snow trade activities, efforts will be made to do well in the exhibition arrangement of the "Changchun Hall" at the 7th Snow Expo and the hosting of business activities such as Vasaloppet Economic and Trade Fair & Signing Ceremony, the 14th Winter Agricultural Expo, Changchun New Year's Shopping Expo, and 2023-2024 Changchun Ice and Snow Consumption Season.


Expanding the Consumer Chain


Igniting New Vitality in Ice and Snow Consumption


Connecting the ice and snow economy with nighttime cultural tourism consumption and business district economy, in the new snow season, our city will continue to enrich Hongqi Street, "The Hill", Eurasia Shopping Mall, Guilin Hutong, and other business carriers, explore night shopping, night tours, night appreciation, and night products, and develop comprehensive consumption scenarios such as cultural experience, folk participation, selected homestays, and urban leisure shopping, to achieve an ice and snow market thriving in supply and demand. To enhance the appeal of Changchun's premium ice and snow products and facilitate the "dual-route" interaction, eight distinctive urban ice and snow tourism routes and four high-quality provincial tourism routes will be launched, with deep development in the overall ice and snow experience.


Simultaneously, the "Changchun 2023-2024 Ice and Snow Consumption Season" series activities will be organized. Catering, supermarket, and life service enterprises are proposed to provide extended nighttime services. Large shopping malls and shopping centers are encouraged to extend their business hours and conduct "no closing hours", nighttime exclusive discounts, and other evening promotional activities during store celebrations, holidays, and festivals.


Cultural tourism consumption vouchers worth RMB 10 million and sports consumption vouchers also worth RMB 10 million will be issued. Major ice and snow scenic areas, ski resorts, and cultural tourism enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with the consumption voucher activity. A series of preferential initiatives will be launched to benefit the public, stimulate combined consumption, and allow consumers to enjoy themselves in the feast of ice and snow.