Changchun's Ice and Snow Enters the Singaporean Market

Updated : 2023-11-28Source : CCFAO
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To enhance the international visibility of Changchun's ice and snow tourism brand, the "Changchun Winter Tourism Promotion Conference (Singapore)" was recently held in Singapore. Representatives from the Changchun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, as well as Changchun's tourism industry, showcased Changchun's ice and snow tourism resources, ecological ice and snow products, automobile industry, film culture, and other distinctive tourism offerings through images, videos, interactive exchanges, and more, earning enthusiastic responses from the attendees.

Changchun is uniquely advantageous in developing snow and ice tourism due to its rich ice and snow resources, time-honored history of snow and ice culture, and diverse ice and snow products. With the accelerated pace of opening-up and the continuous expansion of international exchanges, Changchun has become one of the Chinese cities with large potential for cultural and tourism development. During the promotion conference, Changchun introduced the beautiful Changchun New World of Ice and Snow, an ice and snow-themed park featuring four skiing resorts for experiencing the joy of urban skiing, as well as a variety of festive activities, events, and vibrant city culture, which especially highlighted Changchun's charm as the City of Film Culture, the City of Sculpture Art, and the City of Automobile Industry, and showcased the brand image of Changchun as the "Capital of Ice and Snow Culture", followed by a sincere invitation to Singaporean tourists to come and enjoy themselves in Changchun. Additionally, various ice and snow tourist routes were presented, including the "Enjoyable Tour of Ice and Snow", "Science, Education and Research Tour", "Trendy Must-visit Tour", and the East-West Dual-loop Ice and Snow Tourist Route in Jilin Province, with the introduction of different highlights of each route.

During lively discussions, guests from Singapore shared their excitement about the "new" option for winter ice and snow tourism and expressed their desire to experience winter in snowy Changchun, where they could enjoy spectacular ice and snow landscapes and high-quality ice and snow sports. Zeng Yonglai, a leader from Soon-Air Travel Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and JOLIE, Manager of Yangsheng Holiday also affirmed the attractiveness of Changchun's ice and snow tourism products to Singaporeans, so they would actively organize visitors to experience the ice and snow in Changchun. The Singapore Society of Tourist Guides expressed its intention to encourage its members to organize Singaporeans to travel to Changchun through various means, continuing to play a bridging role and seizing opportunities to make progress together.

As Singapore and Changchun have mutually complementary tourism resources and a solid foundation for cooperation, there is tremendous potential for deepening tourism cooperation. Through the promotion conference, tourism and airline cooperation in route planning, market expansion, air route development, information sharing, and other areas between Changchun and Singapore is expected to be enhanced, allowing the "Lion City" to embrace the "Spring City in Northern China" and jointly unleash vigorous development vitality.