China-Russia Friendship Is Blooming in Ice Sports

Updated : 2022-12-20Source : CCFAO
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Under the background of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination entering a new era, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games 2022 was held at the Splendid China Hall of the Anhua Holiday Hotel Banquet Center in Changchun on the evening of December 16. The Games will be held to implement the "Year of Sports Exchange between China and Russia (2022-2023)" announced by the two heads of states during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, to jointly raise the competition level of youth winter sports between China and Russia, practically strengthen sports and cultural exchanges between the two sides, and constantly promote the flower of China-Russia cooperation to bear more fruits.

The national anthems of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China were played at the opening ceremony. Wang Zilian, director of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games and mayor of Changchun, said in his speech that the hosting of the Games by Changchun is a great encouragement and spur to the work of Changchun. Changchun will take this opportunity to further enlarge the driving effect of the Games, create prosperity of ice and snow economy, deepen the cultural and economic cooperation between China and Russia, accelerate the building of a new plateau of opening up in Northeast Asia, and inject new growth drivers for high-quality development. He hopes the young athletes of the two countries will show their passion and make great achievements on the competition grounds; and will promote friendship and cultural exchange outside the competition grounds. He hopes the guests will fully appreciate the beautiful scenery of the North, enjoy the charm of snow and ice, feel the warmth of Changchun and promote the China-Russia friendship to a new level.

Morozov, the head of the Russian delegation, said in his speech: "Sports, as an important factor in deepening state-to-state exchanges and expanding inter-departmental cooperation, has brought us all together, and we clearly remember the festive atmosphere of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and believe that the Games will also be a great sporting event. The Games will provide a great chance for young athletes from both countries to test their strengths and skills in the international arena. I believe that the Games will be a great sporting event to truly promote friendship, bring rich emotional experience to all participants, and discover more future stars for world sports."

In the opening ceremony performance, the acrobatic performances "Juggling with the Flower Jar" and "Strength and Beauty" brought by the Changchun Acrobatic Troupe are traditional Chinese acrobatic shows. The jar is a vessel originating from the life of the people in the Tang Dynasty and the performers showed the beauty of Chinese culture by using acrobatic performances. The violin solo of Zhang Shaobo, violin artist and founder of fancy violin performances, "Descendants of the Dragon", "People of the Grassland Love You", "Russian Songs" and "New Jasmine" brought the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a climax.

China and Russia enjoy a longstanding friendship and a rock-solid comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in the new era. Since 2016, the Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games has been successfully held twice and as one of the important activities of the "Year of Sports Exchange between China and Russia" from 2022 to 2023, this Games will follow the goal of "simple, safe and wonderful" and adhere to the purpose of "friendship and cooperation, exchange and progress", which will effectively raise the competition level of youth winter sports between China and Russia, better promote sports and cultural exchanges and write a new chapter in China-Russia friendly cooperation in the new era.

Jilin Province is located in the golden latitudinal belt of ice and snow in the world and has unique advantages of ice and snow resources. As the capital of Jilin Province, Changchun is known as an automobile city, sculpture city, film city, science and education city as well as forest city. Changchun has a wide range of ice and snow activities, successfully holding Changchun Vasaloppet International Ski Festival, the International Alpine/Snowboard Challenge, the Senior Ice Hockey League, and other well-known ice and snow events. Changchun is a "Double Olympic Champion City" with both Summer Olympic and Winter Olympic champions, which has cultivated many Olympic champions and world champions such as Ye Qiaobo, Wang Hao, Zhou Yang, Qi Guangpu, Chen Lu, Li Jiajun, Wang Chunlu, Yang Yang, Feng Kai, Li Haonan, Cheng Shuang, Wei Shaoxuan, and so on.

Amity between people is the key to state-to-state relations, and amity between people lies in mutual understanding. Sport has a unique advantage in international exchanges in narrowing the distance, deepening understanding and strengthening trust. The Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games have injected new vitality into the sports exchange between the two countries.

Overwhelmed by ice and snow, the flowers of the China-Russia friendship are blossoming in Jilin, a land full of vitality.