Chinese and Russian Athletes Actively Prepare for the Winter Youth Games

Updated : 2022-12-19Source : CCFAO
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On December 15, young athletes from China and Russia conducted ice training in Changchun Five Rings Gymnasium and Jilin Speed Skating Gymnasium to prepare for the upcoming Russian–Chinese Winter Youth Games.

Each team has two days of pre-competition training. Training is not only warm-up, but also related to the competition arrangements. Thus, young athletes in the gymnasiums are full of spirit and energy, quickly go into the state on the ice, and skate according to their training plans under the guidance of their coaches. Adapting to the competition environment and track as soon as possible is the most important training content for athletes before the competition.

For the friendly exchanges between Chinese and Russian teenagers in the ice sports, athletes from two countries are in a mood of excitement and anticipation. Xue Kepeng, an 18-year-old athlete from Baishan, who has been practicing speed skating for more than five years and has won the top three in China, said: "I am very excited to represent China in a big competition for the first time. I hope to play at my best in the competition. More importantly, the two sides can exchange and learn from each other for common progress."”

Russian athlete Anastasia Semenova has been in touch with speed skating since she was 7 years old. In her opinion, speed skating is a sport combining speed, precision and skill, which has given her a keen interest in the sport. She told the reporter that "I am very happy to come to China to participate in the competition. This is a vast exchange platform, and I am very pleased to participate in this friendly exchange."

Although the competition has not yet officially started, pre-competition training is also a good opportunity for young athletes from China and Russia to enhance their friendship and learn from each other. In this process, the athletes of the two countries can deepen their understanding of each other's culture, and jointly improve their sports level on the basis of technical exchange and mutual learning.