Try Hot Pot in Ice Cottage, Why Not?

Updated : 2022-01-18Source : CCFAO
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Changchun is famous for automobile. For the thematic activity “ice and snow in automobile city”, more than 50 ice and snow-based projects are said to be organized to spread the culture of automobile and Winter Olympics. 

With the culture of automobile and that of ice and snow integrated, the organizing committee will organize more than 50 projects at four sections, namely, Auto Ice and Snow Town, Magic Lantern Fair, Fashion Performance Street and Snow World. 

After nightfall, lights and fireworks light up the sky, hailed with happy laughter and cheerful voice here and there. Some new ice and snow consumption games are also expected to attract the visitors. 

To explore in depth the resources of automobile culture and folk customs, and make them integrated innovatively, Changchun has launched a series of experience projects with special, local characteristics. With the help of modern sci-tech means, the elements of Winter Olympics are adopted as part of the effort to drive new life, new consumption with new tourism so as to provide the public better experience of the charm of ice and snow as well as the atmosphere of Winter Olympics.