Ice and Snow Lantern Fair at Changchun Park Opened

Updated : 2022-01-14Source : CCFAO
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According to the overall plan of the 25th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival, an all-out effort will be made to create ice and snow landscapes. The Ice and Snow Lantern Fair “Meeting in Changchun, Enjoy to Your Heart’s Content” was opened at the Changchun Park on January 10, 2022. 

The lantern fair is held in an open space from the south entrance of Changchun Park to the European Square, covering three sections namely Beautiful China, Ice and Snow Dance and Winter Olympics. The wonder of “ice and snow plus fantastic lighting” is created mainly by snow sculptures and LED lights. There are more than 20 groups, more than 40 snow sculptures for which nearly 5,000 cubic meters of now , and 11 groups of LED lights have been used. 

The section Beautiful China covers snow sculptures and shadow walls of snow sculptures highlighting such elements of Chinese style as blue and white porcelain, terracotta warrior and horse, folding fan and plum blossom. The section Ice and Snow Dance is mainly characterized by creative and interactive sculptures for picture taking including “Fat Tiger”, Space Lab “Tiangong-1”, “Dream of Three-star Legacy”. The section Winter Olympics represented by snowman for photo taking and interactive snow sculptures for interaction is meant to demonstrate the fast-growing winter sport in China and express the best wishes for the athletes to make more achievements. 

At nightfall, lights and ice and snow sculptures beautify each other, creating stunning colors and shadows. The effort in organizing such event is meant to create a night landscape brand, brighten the park at night, and further mobilize the public to travel and contribute to boost the winter tourism and the socioeconomic development of Changchun City.