The Summer Festival

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The Summer Festival is a comprehensive, festive event which is held on the basis of the civilians’ demands to promote the summer resources to the outside. It is an activity combining excessive participation by the public closely with the guidance of the government. Not only can it help drive the development of cultural, sports and tourism causes, it can also create new images and brands for the city. The Summer Festival takes advantage of the cozy climate of Changchun to stage a series of characteristic activities.



 The 1st Summer Festival


I Name

The 1st Summer Festival

II Theme

Gather in Changchun, Fly with Your Dreams in Summer 

III Sponsors

Jilin Provincial Bureau of Tourism, Changchun Municipal People’s Government

IV Time


From June 1 to September 8, 2007
V Characteristic Activities


1. “Close to Nature” Summer Activity Series in Jingyuetan National Forest Park

2. “Embrace the Nature, Enjoy Recreation in Shuangyang District”

3. The 1st Saman Culture Festival

4. Amway Nutrilite Health Run 2007 & Mass Sports Go with the Olympic Games

5. “New Lvyuan District, New Countryside, New Experience” Summer Activities

6. Month of Huanglong Culture

7. Lotus Festival in Jiangshan

8. Manchurian Banjin Festival

9. Fishing Festival in Bayi Reservoir

10. Changchun Movie Wonderland Dynamic Festival, Brazilian Carnival and International Humor Festival Series

11. Photography Competition-The Summer of Changchun

12. The 1st Changchun Summer Festival-Opening Day of the Grade A Scenic Area to the Public    

13. Summer Festival Tea Ceremony Competition

14. The Summer of Changchun-Reporter Series

15. The 1st Changchun Summer Festival & Opening Ceremony of

16. The 1st Fire Balloon Weeding Ceremony

17. Summer Carnival

18. Summer Night for Shopping

19. Fire Balloon Championship China 2007

20. Summer Symphony Concert

21. The 1st Summer Festival-Trade Fair of Tourism Commodities and Commemorative Products & Beer Festival

22. The 2nd Competition for Tourist Guides in Changchun 


The 2nd China (Changchun) Summer Festival

The 2nd China (Changchun) Summer Festival staged a series of summer activities to make it a festival of the public and for the public, to attract tourists and drive the rapid development of culture, sports and trade, thereby making Changchun a tourist destination in China and a new pillar following the Changchun Ice and Snow Festival for the development of tourism economy  

I Name

The 2nd China (Changchun) Summer Festival

II Theme 

Fresh, Cool and Beautiful Changchun

III Sponsors

Changchun Municipal People’s Government, Jilin Provincial Bureau of Tourism

VI Time

From June 21 to September 6, 2008, the event lasts 78 days. 

V Activity Series

1.      Olympic Theme Wedding Ceremony for the Young Couples of Changchun

2.      The 1st Changchun Juggle Festival

3.      The 2nd Changchun Saman Culture Festival

4.      An Adventure to the Icy Waterfall of Changchun

5.      “Sky, Earth and Space” Science Popularization Tourism Series

6.      The International Digital Entertainment Animation Art Festival Changchun 2008 

7.      The 2nd China (Changchun) Summer Festival & Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park Walking Festival and Opening Ceremony of the Fire Balloon Championship China 2008

8.      A Shopping Night in Summer

9.      The Fire Balloon Championship China 2008

10.    Changchun Beer Competition & Beverage Exhibition

11.    Relay Race around Jingyue Lake for Workers of the Seven Cities in Northeast China

12.    “Happy Northeast China” Self-drive Tour

13.    Butterfly Festival in Changchun Diaoshuihu National Forest Park

14.    Cozy Mt. Lianhua, Summer Camp for 1000 People

15.    The 2nd China (Changchun) Summer Festival-Opening Day of the Grade A Scenic Area to the Public

16.    Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Park Wedding Ceremony

17.    Off-road Cycling Competition in Changchun Jingyuetan Forest Park

18.    The 2nd Outdoor Camping of Jilin Province

19.    Changchun Summer Tourism Forum

20.    Day of Promotion for Civilized Tourism in Changchun & Trade Fair of Summer Tourism Products

21.    Exhibition of Changchun Tourism Commodities (Commemorative Products)

22.     Exhibition of Paper-Cutting Art of Jiutai

23.    Fishing Competition Series Changchun 2008

24.    “Welcome the Olympics” Climbing Competition  

25.    Gather in Huilonghe, Fly with Your Dreams in Summer

26.    “Happy Northeast China” Olympic Carnival

27.    “Welcome the Olympics, Share the Peace” Summer Culture and Art Performance

28.    Festival of Picking in Changchun 2008

29.    The 6th Green Food Festival of Dehui, Jilin Province, China 

30.     The 3rd Culture and Art Festival for Senior Citizens in Changchun & I Love My Hometown-Touring Around Changchun for 1000 Senior Citizens

31.    “Zhongxin Cup” Golf Grand Prix Changchun