Foreign Friends Fishing Competition(FILE)

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(FILE)Imperial Bay 2013 The First Changchun Chinese and Foreign Friends Fishing Competition

Competition Rules


I. Organizers

Changchun city sports bureau

Changchun city people's government foreign affairs office

Changchun city sports federation


II. Title sponsors

Changchun Xinda Fengrui real estate development Co., Ltd -- Xinda·Imperial Bay


III. Undertaker

Changchun city fishing association


IV. Time and place

August 10th, 2013 (Saturday), 10:00 to 14:00.

Bayi reservoir west bank fishpond (Imperial Bay project place, 200 meters east from the intersection of Chaofan street and Chuangyi road in high-tech zone).


V. Competitive event

Fishing competition for the number of crucian caught using 3.6 meters fishing pole, two races, each lasts 60 minutes.


VI. Group setting up

1. Social open group: fishing lovers in Changchun city, limited to 90 people.

2. Foreign friends group: enterprise managers in overseas-funded enterprise in Changchun, representatives and institution personnel of foreign governmental (non-governmental) organization in Changchun, foreign nationality students and teachers in institution of higher learning (technical secondary school) in Changchun, as well as family members of foreign personnel study, work or live in Changchun, etc, limited to 30 people.


VII. Competition arrangement

08300940    Site registration, draw lots for the first race (note: registration begins at 08:30, first come, first register, registration ends at 09:40)

10001015    Opening ceremony

10151030    Players enter into fishing place

10301130    First race

11301200    Calculate, draw lots and change places for second race

12001300    Second race

13001340    Calculate and result statistics (service tea cake for free)

13401400    The award ceremony, competition ends


VIII. How to apply

1. Registration time: July 24th, 2013 –August 6th, 2013

2. Registration qualification: Any fishing enthusiast above 18 years old and healthy in Changchun. No entry fee. Qualification for participating in competition is based on the form filled by yourself, phone call registration is not accepted, registration is open until full.

3. How to apply:

1Social open group:

Registration address: Xinda Dragon Bay reception center on the first floor of Mingmen restaurant, intersection of The People’s Street and Longli Road, Changchun.

Consulting telephone: 0431—89810999

2Foreign friends group

Registration address: The city foreign affairs office European bureau, #2626, The People’s Street, Changchun.

Consulting telephone: 0431—88776759

4. How to go:

1Social open group players: generally you need to go to the competition place by yourself, please refer to competition place roadmap for traffic route. If any player is not familiar with the route, please indicate you need go together in your registration. And please be at the main gate of municipal party committee in People’s Square at 08:30 on the day of the competition, and then go to the competition place by service bus of committee.

2For all foreign friends group players, please be at the main gate of municipal party committee at 08:30 on the day of the competition, and then go to the competition place together by bus.

5. You may search e-version of the “Competition rules” from the following websites:

Official website of Changchun City Sports Bureau:

Official website of Changchun City People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office:

Official English website of Changchun City People’s Government (Changchun information port):


IX. Awards setting

1. Awards standard:

1Social open group:

The first 8 people will get money award, prize and certificate, and the first 3 will be awarded with a trophy.

Champion: 3000 Yuan   Runner-up: 2000 Yuan   Second runner-up: 1500 Yuan   Fourth place: 1000 Yuan

Fifth place: 800 Yuan   Sixed place: 600 Yuan   Seventh place: 500 Yuan   Eighth place: 400 Yuan

Memorial award: ninth to 20th place, 11 people in total, each one can get a exquisite fishing rod.

Note: The above money award includes taxes, individual income tax will be deducted by committee, unit is RMB/Yuan.

2Foreign friends group:

Everyone will get a prize and medal. The first three will get a trophy.


2. Others:

1All players participating this competition will get a memorial T-shirt and a sunhat.

2Fish caught in the second race belongs to you.

3Lunch and tea cake will be served for free by committee.


X. Way of scoring

1. Both number and weight of fish being caught will be considered for the scoring to determine the ranking.

2. The player who gets the most number of fish will get one point, while the second one will get 2 points. The rest can be done in the same manner. If the number of fish is the same, then the heavier one will win.


XI. Competition rules

1. 08:30 drawing lots for the group begins, 09:40 drawing lots for the group ends, 10:00 – 10:15 opening ceremony, 10:30 competition officially starts.

2. Each player has limit to use only one 3.6 meters fishing rod, one fishing line, 2 no hangnail fishhooks. The length of fishing line should only be 30cm longer than the length of fishing rod (including the length of fishhook). Bait will be wheaten food and commodity bait, live bug and poison bait are not allowed.

3. All players should enter the fishing place according to judges’ instruction and take the correct seat. Fishing place is not allowed to change during the competition. Fishing place can be divided according to the center line of the space between one player and the neighboring player. Fishing in other players’ area or making noise is not allowed. If any behaviors across the border cause any factual effect to other’s fishing, it will be handled according to rules. If you need close fish, it needs to be at least beyond the length of fishing rod.

4. The start and end of the competition should take the order of chief judge as standard. Fishing tackle can only be kept away from water before the competition starts, but you can test and adjust the float in the non-competition area. Fishing, fetch and deposit of the fish should be done by yourself. If the fish you caught drop on the ground, you need to pick up the fish and put it in the container before continue fishing. Once the end signal is released, only fish in the container is valid. All players should pull back the rod and withdraw the line, and waiting for the judge to calculate the result. Before the calculation, players cannot touch the fish container or surround and watch the judges do the calculation. The result calculated by the judges should be agreed and signed by the player themselves and also confirmed by the neighboring players before taking effect.

5. All participating players should follow the rules of competition and management of the competition place, follow instructions of judges and be civilized during the competition. Only fish caught by fishing is qualified, died fish cannot be counted. Keep quite during the competition. If you need to use your phone, please don’t affect other players. If necessary, you can leave your fishing place with the judge’s approval. Keep the fishing place clean, and pay attention to environmental protection. Don’t drop any defective works on the ground, you can throw them in the appointed trash bin or take it away by yourself.

6. Penalty detailed rules: player will be punished for 3 points for the first fault. For the second fault, the player will be given the lowest point in the group of the race. For the following serious violators, their competition results will be cancelled: (1) Intentional foul and cause impact to other players. (2)Practice fraud, bring fish or hide fish secretly, use live bug or poison bite. (3) Disobey the judge’s instruction and disturb the normal order of competition.


XII. Fish information notification

Fishing place will be closed at 16:00 pm on August 6th, 2013. 2000 km fish will be put into the water, each fish weighs 150-250g.


XIII. Complain and arbitration

1. Arbitration committee and judges will be selected by the organizer.

2. If any players have different opinion with the result made by judges, you can lodge a complaint to arbitration committee within 10 minutes after the competition results announced. It requires written opinion and complain fee of 500 Yuan RMB (refund if you win it). Any verbal complain won’t be handled. Adjudication of arbitration committee is the final adjudication.


XIV. Disclaimer

All registered players are considered to be persons with full capacity. As fishing activity has certain uncontrollable risks incident, competition organizer won’t be responsible for any accident caused by the competition. All participating players shall assess any objective factor of personal accident existed in the competition and be responsible for it by themselves. All players shall take care of the personal accident insurance in advance.


XV. Others

The organizer reserves all rights on the explanation of the competition rules. We will give further notice for matters not covered above.


July 22nd, 2013


Imperial Bay 2013 The First Changchun Chinese and Foreign Friends Fishing Competition


Route Indicator Diagram


Time   August 10th, 2013 (Saturday), 10:00 to 14:00.


Place   Bayi reservoir west bank fishpond (Imperial Bay project place, 200 meters east from the intersection of Chaofan street and Chuangyi road in high-tech zone).


Route   Peoples Square to the south  satellite square, municipal government  the fourth ring road to the west Chaosheng street to the south  Jinhu street to the west  Chaofan street to the south Chuangyi road to the east competition place.


Note: total distance between municipal government and the competition place is 9 km.


Gathering   players who want to go together, please meet at the main gate of municipal party committee in Peoples Square at 08:30 in the morning.


Instruction   there are route indicator at intersection of south fourth ring and Chaosheng street, Chaosheng street and Jinhu street, Jinhu street and Chaofan street, Chaofan street and Chuangyi road, please take it for reference.


Parking   All players please follow instructions of the site personnel and park your car to the assigned parking place at 2 sides of the road.