The No. 3 Hospital of JLU, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital of JLU

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Add.: No. 126, Xiantai St., Changchun, Jilin Province, 130033
Tel.: 0431-84995222, 84995999

The Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital of Jilin University is a publicly owned, not-for-profit, large-scale comprehensive hospital of Grade III Class A, which is attached to Jilin University, an institution of higher learning attached to the Ministry of Education and under the administration of the Ministry of Health. The hospital integrates medical care, teaching, research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.

It was founded in November 11, 1949. Its predecessor is the Surgery Hospital of Changchun Medical University of Chinese People’s Liberation Army. In July 1993, the hospital relocated most of its facilities to No. 126, Xiantai St, Changchun City, thereby forming a  three-in-one pattern including Headquarters, No. 2 Branch (Xinmin St.), and No. 3 Branch (No. 1433, Kaiyun St.), of which the headquarters covers 0.2019 million square meters in land area and 0.1344 million square meters in construction area. The new hospital was built with the approval of land utilization from the People’s Government of Jilin Province and Changchun Municipal People’s Government. The Ministry of Health invested on the infrastructure and the Japanese Government donated advanced medical equipment worth 2.6 billion yen. The friendship between the people and the governments of the two countries made the new hospital a reality, which was named the No.3 Clinical College of Bethune Medical University (Sino-Japanese Friendship). Its name was changed to “Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital of Jilin University” after a five-school merging in June 2000.  
Over the past 60 years since it was founded, the hospital has made remarkable development, securing an advantageous position in surgery system, mini-invasive surgical treatment and tumor precision radiotherapy in Jilin Province and even in Northeast China. It has 48 clinical, medical and technical departments. In addition, psychological consulting, mental health, obstinate disease centers and international outpatient department have also been established.
It was certified as “Baby Friendly Hospital” by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, the UNICEF and the WHO. It is a network hospital of the International Relief Center of the Ministry of Healthy and a national research base for clinical medicines, a national first-aid training certification center and a designated hospital for urgent relief. As a clinical teaching hospital, it has 19 teaching and research departments, undertaking teaching undergraduates majoring in medicine and Japanese medicine. It offers doctoral programs for clinical medicine, and is a pilot unit for the authorization of master degrees. Meanwhile, it has made active efforts to keep pace with the latest of the international medical world and strengthen exchange and cooperation with its counterparts abroad. It has so far established friendly relations with many noted medical institutions at home and abroad.