Stomatological Hospital of JLU

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The Stomatological Hospital of JLU was named so following a six-school merging in 2000. It was built in 1985, attached to the Ministry of Education and under the administration of the Ministry of Health.

It is a professional hospital, also serving a stomatology education, research and stomtatological disease control and prevention center for Jilin Province and its neighboring regions. It is the only one that has doctoral programs and post-doctoral research stations in Jilin Province and its neighboring regions. It is a standing office institution designated by the province for the control and prevention of dental diseases.

The new medical care building of the hospital covers 35,000 square meters in construction area. It is the largest education center with the most advanced equipment and a staff team mainly composed of doctoral degree holders for the control and prevention, diagnosis and treatment and stomatological education in Northeast China.

In the course of the internationalization, it has made active efforts to upgrad techniques and treatments. Meanwhile, it has established cooperative and friendly relations with its counterparts in Japan, ROK and America.