Foreigner’s Work Permit - C

Updated : 2021-02-03Source : JL.GOV
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What requirements shall be met for the application for foreigner’s work permit in China? 

(1)Basic requirements for employers:

The hiring organization shall comply with the law and have no record of serious violation of laws or dereliction of duty. The employment of foreigners shall be for special needs with a lack of appropriate Chinese candidates for the time being and without violating any government regulations. The wages paid to the foreign employee shall not be lower than the minimum standard in the locality. Sometimes a pre-approval made by the industry administrative department is required based on laws and regulations.

(2)Basic requirements for applicants:

The applicant should be 18 years old or above, be in good health, have no record of criminal conviction, be employed by a legally-established unit, and be professionally or academically competent for the job. The applicant should be a professional in urgent need by China and his job should meet the demands of China’s economic and social development. Other requirements concerning foreigners working in China as stipulated in laws and regulations must be followed.