Foreigner’s Work Permit - D

Updated : 2021-02-03Source : JL.GOV
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What is the specific procedure for employers to hire foreigners to work in China (working in China for more than 90 days)? 

(1)The employer or an entrusted professional agency shall register an account with the Service System for Foreigners Working in China, submit the electronical application materials for a Foreigner’s Work Permit, and print the Work Permit Notice online after approval.

(2)Foreigners can apply for the Z visa, F visa or R visa to the embassies and consulates of the People's Republic of China with the Work Permit Notice and other required materials.

(3)Within 15 days after a foreigner’s entry into China with a valid visa, the employer applies for online and collects the Foreigner’s Work Permit from the local foreigner’s employment department.

(4)Within 30 days of entry into China, the foreigner must go to the Exit-and-Entry Administration Division of Public Security Bureau where the hiring organization is located to apply for a residence permit.