3.What should aliens do for application of Chinese Visas?

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Before submitting your visa application, you should:


(1) Prepare in advance in case your visit may be delayed owing to the invalidity of your visa, or because you do not have time to apply for a visa.


(2) Fill out, duly, completely and clearly, your application form. Your signature should be properly signed (applicants who are under the legal age of adult may be helped by their parents or guardians with their signatures, and relations of the two parties should be clearly indicated).


(3) Materials required for application should be authentic and completely prepared. Fake or insufficient material submitters will be not accepted.


(4) Answer the visa officer’s questions according to the facts. In accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and the international practices, the consular officials are authorized with the right of requiring applicants to show other documents for certification, and the right of refusing any visa application without giving any reason. 


(5) The type, entry time, valid duration and stay duration of your visa shall be decided by the visa officer in accordance with relevant stipulations and your own declarations.  


(6) When getting the visa, you are suggested to check your visa, and if any problem is found, you should consult the visa officer. 


(7) Applicants themselves are reminded to avoid to bear such consequences that are caused by the following circumstances: 


1) Visa application is refused owing to your unauthentic, incomplete filling out the application form, or your unreal declarations; 


2) Visa application is refused owing to your failure in passport and photo requirements, or your failure of submitting materials required by the visa officer;


3) Boarding planes or entering into China is refused because your visa has expired prior to your using of it on the date;   


4) After having obtained your visa, however, you are not allowed to use it, because your visa is out of validity owing to your own or the third party’s faults; 


5) Boding a plane or entering into China is refused because of your failure of checking the entry time, valid duration and stay duration of your visa, and valid duration of your passport;


6) Your visa can not be used owing to the reasons caused by yourself.