Conditions about Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Status

Updated : 2021-02-03Source : JL.GOV
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The applicant shall fit one of the following conditions:

1. having invested directly in China for three consecutive years and with stable and sound taxation record;

2. having assumed the posts of deputy general manager or deputy director of plants or of higher level, or posts of associate professors or associate research fellows or similar for more than four years in a row, and the period of stay in accumulation being no shorter than three years and having sound taxation record;

3. having made major and outstanding contributions to China or being needed urgently by China;

4. spouses of persons referred to in Items 1, 2 and 3 of this paragraph and their unmarried children under the age of 18;

5. spouses of Chinese citizens or of aliens having obtained permanent residence in China, whose marriage has lasted for five years, and who have lived in mainland of China for five years on end, the annual stay here being no shorter than nine months, and who have stable and secured living status and place to live;

6. unmarried children aged under 18 years old who come to live with their parents;

7. persons over 60 years old with no direct relatives abroad, living with direct relatives in China, who have lived in China for five years in a row, whose annual stay being no shorter than nine months and have stable and secured living status and places to live.