What should aliens know before entering into China?

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Aliens in China must abide by the laws and regulations of the Peoples Republic of China.

(1) Check the validity of your visa, and make sure you have enough entry times into China. Aliens who hold expired visas or do not have enough entry times shall apply for new visas.

(2) Aliens taking animals, plants or currencies with them should obey relevant Chinese laws as well as relevant regulations on sanitation, quarantine, customs and financial supervision and administration.

(3) Aliens are not allowed to engage in any activities beyond the declaration when applying for visa.

(4) It is not allowed to overstay in China, aliens in China are reminded to check the validity and duration of the visa. For visa extension, please go to the local public security bureaus.

(5) Getting permissions from the local public security bureaus at the city or county levels is a must for aliens to travel to the places that are not open to aliens. Without permissions, aliens are not allowed to travel to such places.

(6) Aliens as described as follows are suggested to avoid such consequences as rejection of boarding planes, rejection of entering into China, and fines, etc.,:
1) Aliens, except otherwise as stipulated in this regard for via-free applicants, are going to enter into China prior to getting the visas;

2)Invalid visa holders who are going to enter into China;

3) Aliens who have overstayed in China;

4) Aliens whose passports have expired during their stay in China (regardless whether their visas are valid or not)