Several Fireworks Shows in Changchun!

Updated : 2024-04-30Source : CCFAO
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Several scenic spots in Changchun will hold fireworks shows during the May Day holiday.
Changchun Film Carnival
⏰Time: May 1, 19:58
Highlights: Every burst of fireworks is a celebration of happy times. Hand in hand under the fireworks, romantic memories will be captured in an instant.
Address: South of Bohui Road and Xiangshu Street in Nanguan District, near Gate 3 of Agri-Expo Garden
Qingquan Lake Tourist Resort
⏰Time: May 1-3, 18:58
Highlights: At the water golf course on the southern shore of Qingquan Lake in the Qingquan Lake Tourist Resort, fireworks will illuminate the night sky, with sparks breaking the silence.
Address: Tourist Center, Qingquan Lake Tourist Resort, Gaojiatun, Kuancheng District
Senlo Tourist Resort
⏰Time: May 1-3
Highlights: A creatively arranged fireworks show will "arrive" at Senlo after nightfall.
Address: No. 18888, Lvyou Road, Shanhe Sub-district, Shuangyang District