The 5th China-Japan Economic and Trade Series—2nd Hokkaido Products (Foods) Online Conference Held Successfully

Updated : 2021-09-03Source : CCFAO
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Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO) has been conscientiously implementing the city’s instructions and requirements, with active efforts made to promote the economic and trade cooperation with Japan. On August 30, the 2nd Hokkaido Products (Foods) Online Conference, one of the economic and trade activities with Japan, was held successfully.  

The conference was organized both online and offline to which the representatives of e-commerce platforms, big supermarkets and other enterprises were invited. Seven companies from Hokkaido introduced their products during the conference. To facilitate rural revitalization, Jilin Jiecheng E-commerce Platform, a one-stop e-commerce platform in cooperation with “Changchun Association of First Village Secretaries”, “Changchun E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Livestream Center” and “Changchun Poverty Alleviation and Development Federation” was also invited to promote their business opportunities for cooperation. The participants from the two sides expressed their great interest in taking the conference as a chance to deepen understanding and seek opportunities for win-win cooperation in such fields as production technology, brand, supply and marketing. “Changchun and Hokkaido have maintained frequent friendly exchanges, enjoying good prospects for cooperation in many fields. CCFAO will continue to build platforms for cooperation and exchanges for entrepreneurs and business professionals from the two sides to promote more fruitful economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan,” Duan Huaxu, Deputy Director General of CCFAO, was quoted as saying at the conference.