Zhang Zhijun Inspects Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area

Updated : 2021-07-22Source : CCFAO
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On the occasion of the first anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection trip to Jilin Province, Zhang Zhijun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, inspected Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area on July 20, 2021. Zhang Zhijun stressed that all involved should thoroughly study and implement the important speech made on July 1 by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection trip to Jilin Province to create opening up highlands and new regional growth points, make good use of the preferential policies of the comprehensive bonded area in a flexible way to accelerate the congregation of projects, industries and kinetic energy, and promote the high-quality leap-forward development of the comprehensive bonded area with high-level opening up. 

Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Area, the first of its kind in Jilin Province, has now improved its comprehensive operation and innovation abilities, with channel driving, project construction and kinetic energy conversion put in high gear. Zhang Zhijun visited FAW Testing and Experiment Institute and listened to the report on the preferential policies of the bonded area for the enterprise. Zhang Zhijun encouraged the enterprise to speed up technological innovation, target on “peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality” opportunities to expand market, and thus remain stronger, better and finer. At the Xinglong International Land Port, Zhang Zhijun inspected the operation of Changchun-Manzhouli-Europe trains, stressing the effort should be made to further smooth the sea, land, air and rail freight lines, enhance transportation capacities, expand opening up, and drive the sustainable and stable growth of foreign trade of the whole province. During his inspection trip to the Innovation Demonstration Park of Medical Devices, the first professional medical device park in Jilin Province, Zhang Zhijun pointed out active measures should be taken to usher in leading enterprises, promote the deep integration of industry, university and research, accelerate the formation of sizable effects, and contribute to the creation of a diversified development pattern supported by multi points and industries. At the exhibition and trading center of imported and exported commodities in the comprehensive bonded are, Zhang stressed that publicity should be strengthened, and business formats should be innovated to introduce the best commodities in the world to the city so as to truly benefit the people in the city and create a regional consumption center. 

During the inspection, Zhang Zhijun presided over a symposium attended by the leaders of the economic development zone and the comprehensive bonded area as well as the officials of such departments as development and reform, finance, construction commission, transportation, commerce and other departments. Zhang pointed out that as a major platform for opening up of the province, Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Area should base itself on a new starting point, strengthen policy guidance, reinforce upward connection, make more highly valued policies and measures, innovate and implement the 21 national policies to support the development of the bonded area. We should adhere to the principle of projects as the king, attach great importance to investment attraction, accelerate the congregation of projects, industries and kinetic energy, and enhance the potential for development. We should adhere to the principle of giving priority to the foundation, further improve the basic support facilities, and improve the regional accommodation capacity. We should focus on the construction of platforms and channels, enhance the degree of economic extroversion, actively integrate into the Changchun Area of Jilin Free Trade Zone, and constantly enlarge the advantages of the comprehensive bonded area in terms of its location, ports and channels. We should create a first-class business environment, deepen the reform of “ streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services”, reduce the operating costs of enterprises to the greatest extent, and improve the level of trade facilitation. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the guarantee of talents and factors and provide strong support for the high-quality leap-forward development of the bonded area.