Video Conference on China-Russia Sci-Tech Cooperation Held

Updated : 2021-03-30Source : CCFAO
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The Changchun-Novosibirskaya Video Conference on Sci-Tech Cooperation between China and Russia was held on March 26, 2021. The conference was held to further implement the consensus reached by the heads of the two countries, build an effective platform for the local sci-tech exchanges between China and Russia, further promote the increment, improvement and upgrading of sci-tech cooperation between Changchun and Novosibirskaya, and thus promote the high-quality development of economy at faster speed and with better benefits.

At the meeting, Zhang Zhijun, on behalf of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City, expressed his gratitude to the friends from all walks of life who had been caring about and supporting the revitalization of Changchun City. After briefly introducing the basic facts of the city, Zhang Zhijun said: “Changchun is now thoroughly implementing the spirit of the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection trip to Jilin to speed up the construction of a modern metropolitan rim, promote in a coordinated manner the high-quality construction of the city’s ‘four plates’, focus on creating a national regional innovation center, take active measures to integrate into the dual circulation, and strive to build an important window for  opening up to the north and a regional hub for cooperation in Northeast Asia.”

“Changchun attaches great importance to cooperation with Russia especially with Novosibirskay. The development foundations of the two sides are similar. The capital city of Novosibirskaya is not only the largest comprehensive industrial city in eastern Russia but also a famous scientific and cultural center. We two sides enjoy a long history of sci-tech cooperation, and the China-Russia Sci-Tech Park has become a role model for international cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will take this conference as a chance to make further innovative breakthroughs in promoting the all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging cooperation between the two countries.”

Zhang Zhijun put forward three suggestions: Firstly, take Changchun Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences as the main propellors for sci-tech exchanges and project cooperation. Secondly, join hands in scientific research on and promote transformation of scientific findings in such fields as optoelectronic information, new materials, automation and intelligent machines. Thirdly, restore the representative office of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and set up a new representative office of the Science City of Novosibirsk in Changchun City to maintain smooth contacts for mutual benefits.

In addition to the minutes of talks between the People’s Government of Changchun City and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, agreements on cooperation between Changchun China-Russia Sci-Tech Park Co., Ltd. and its counterparts from Russia were signed at the meeting.

The representatives of officials, entrepreneurs and sci-tech professionals also shared their ideas on how to promote the cooperation between the two sides.