Han Jun stresses creating first-class business environment in line with advanced standards and promoting Jilin revitalization

Updated : 2021-02-23Source : JL.GOV
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On February 18, Han Jun, deputy secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of the province, went to Changchun city to learn about its construction of business environment. He stressed that it is necessary to promote the business environment of the province to further improve with breakthroughs, so as to create conditions for Jilin to achieve new breakthroughs in its revitalization and development.

Changchun Beihu Science Park is a national-level demonstration base for innovation and entrepreneurship, which has introduced more than 370 scientific research enterprises. Han Jun learnt about the park's business environment, overall construction and operation. He fully affirmed that the park has built eight service systems of policy support, human resources, capital support, technical support, market support, intermediary support, business support and entrepreneurship guidance to create a favorable atmosphere for achievement transformation, business incubation and industrial cultivation. He stressed efforts to keep taking a problem-oriented approach and a demand-oriented approach in enriching the service content, create a first-class business environment, attract more high-tech enterprises and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with development potential to the park, guide more scientific research achievements to transform on the site and retain more high-quality talents for innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to develop the park into a new benchmark for business environment construction and a demonstration area for innovation and entrepreneurship. During the inspection, Han learned about the entrepreneurial process of enterprises in detail and listened to the suggestions of enterprise leaders on improving the business environment. He asked relevant departments to sort out the demands of enterprises in a timely manner and to carry out regular and institutionalized activities to help enterprises, so as to make them feel at ease to grow.

Changchun New Area has innovated and implemented a number of effective measures in soft environment construction, and its many works have been in the forefront of the whole province. The administrative hall of the zone is highly standardized, digital and intelligent, which can handle over 1,200 matters in one stop. At the windows of comprehensive approval service area for engineering construction projects, Han Jun had in-depth exchanges with the staff and enterprise leaders, asked about the handling process and experience and learnt about the intelligent approval. He noted that the business environment is an important embodiment of a region's comprehensive competitiveness. He said that we should rely on the construction of "Digital Jilin", make good use of the online service platforms and portal websites, do a good job in network coordination, data integration and matter concentration, further simplify links, optimize process, cut processing time, reduce costs and realize that more government services can be handled via smart phone and internet, so as to further enhance the sense of gain and satisfaction of enterprises and individuals.