Important Reminders from Changchun Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Updated : 2021-01-06Source : CCFAO
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Since the date of outbreak until now, we have been working the hardest we can for epidemic control and prevention. The winter holiday and spring festival holiday are approaching. At the time when passenger flows and group activities increase, Changchun Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention is calling upon all involved again to wear masks, wash hands, ventilate and reduce group activities and not to relax your anti-epidemic efforts as the first responsible person for the health and safety of yourselves, your families and the society.

1. With such symptoms as fever, coughing and fatigue, you must not go out; if you will have to do so, you must wear a disposable medical mask and keep a certain safe distance away from others.

2. Avoid going to epidemic-related areas and strengthen self-protection while wearing masks correctly.

3. When entering or going out of public places, please accept QR code scanning, temperature checking and registration as required.

4. When going out, please take and wear a disposable medical mask at the right time when you are not sure about the possible risks from the people around you or the surroundings.

5. When waiting in line for paying bill, buying ticket or other reasons, please keep a safe distance of one meter away from others.

6. The ones must wear masks when at work for frozen chains, package and food deliveries, taxi (ride hailing), public transportation, medical care, etc.

7. Wash your hands often with soap under tap water for at least 20 seconds especially before meal or after using a public restroom.

8. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing. Nose and mouth secretions must be wrapped in tissue and discarded in rubbish bin.

9. Keep the place where stay long ventilated adequately, at least 15 minutes a time, two to three times a day.

10. Have nutritiously balanced meals but not eat wild animals. Drink water in time but not raw water. Make vegetables, fruits and seafood products well cleaned and cooked. Wear gloves, avoid splashing and keep the booked away from the uncooked.

11. Follow the quarantine information on imported cold-chain foods and anti-epidemic news officially released by the authorities. Choose designated channels of buying imported cold-chain foods and avoid touching such foods directly with your hands.

12. Rest and exercise regularly. Whenever possible, those who often stay up late or overwork must rest as much as possible.

13. Keep fit and enhance your immunity.

14. Choose if have to eat at designated restaurants and use serving chopsticks and spoons.

15. Play close attention to your body conditions and your families’. Once such symptoms as fever or coughing appear, wear masks and go for timely diagnosis and treatment at a local hospital and meanwhile provide the history of travel and contact

Special Reminders

1. If having been to a place at middle or high risk to Changchun City 14 days before visiting (returning back to) Changchun City, you must report to the local community (village) and follow the control and prevention requirements, truthfully and voluntarily.

2. When in your process of isolation, you must wear a mask and keep a safe distance when interacting with community staff members and follow the procedures of sample collecting as required.

3. Be strict with yourself about staying indoor and avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience for yourself and others.

4. Sleep, eat and exercise properly and enhance your immunity.

5. If such symptoms as fever or coughing appear, you must contact the local community committee and take anti-epidemic measures as instructed.