Xue Chunzhi Meets Delegation of Japan-China Economic Association Beijing Office

Updated : 2020-09-02Source : CCFAO
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On August 26, Xue Chunzhi, Director General of Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), met the 4-member delegation led by Director Masashi IWANAGA of Japan-China Economic Association Beijing Office. The two sides discussed the possibility of jointly promoting the economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between China and Japan. 

Japan-China Economic Association is a professional group for promoting the economic relations between China and Japan. It was established in 1972 after the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. As one of the top seven groups of its kind, Japan-China Economic Association organizes economic, trade and technical visits to each other every year, with a long-term contribution to the development of relationship of mutual benefits between the two countries. Since 2016 when Changchun hosted the 1st China-Japan-ROK Economic and Trade Conference, the association has given great support to the event, thereby making it an annual economic and trade activity for the two sides. 

During the meeting, Xue Chunzhi extended his warm welcome to the delegation, and expressed his thanks to Japan-China Economic Association for its long-term support for CCFAO. Following his introduction to the remarkable advantages of Changchun’s socioeconomic development in such aspects as urban development strategy, spatial planning, population resource and policy support, Xue indicated that new development opportunities had arrived for the two sides, adding, “Through the platform of your association, we hope mutual visits of personnel as well as economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and Japan can be facilitated constantly.”