World’s Longest Glass Suspension Bridge under Construction at Changchun Mt. Lianhua Ski Resort

Updated : 2020-07-24Source : CCFAO
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The signing ceremony of Changchun Shimao-Heyi Tourism Strategic Cooperation and cornerstone laying ceremony of “Adventure Park” of Changchun Mt. Lianhua Shimao Ski Resort was held at 10am on July 22, 2020. Liu Guotao, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Changchun Mt. Lianhua Ecotourism Resort, and competent department leaders of culture and tourism, news publicity and education, forestry and grassland and investment promotion attended the ceremony. 


“Shimao Group will join hands with Heyi Tourism to create the world’s longest glass suspension bridge at the Mt. Lianhua Shimao Ski Resort. The bridge is 528 meters long and three meters wide. The drop height is more than 80 meters. The investment totals RMB72 million. According to the planning, it will be completed in November this year. The facility high-altitude drifting is 3,000 meters long, with a drop height of 180 meters. By late November this year, RMB28 million will be invested on it. The colorful slide is 180 meters long, with four sliding tracks, for which RMB6 million will be invested to complete the project by November this year. Insiders say 3D visual effects and 7D dynamic effects will be adopted for the construction of the glass suspension bridge. Through high-tech effects of sound, light, lightning, touching, sensing, smelling and unexpectedness, tourists are expected to experience the unprecedented sense of immersion. 


Standing on the bridge, one will be able to see the lights of the city in distance, with Shitoukoumen Reservoir nearby, airplanes overhead, snowboarders around, and rippling river under the bridge. A new landmark for sightseeing in Northeast China will soon be created here. Upon completion, the bridge will also be integrated into the operating system of Shimao Ski Resort which in turn will become a multi-dimensional destination for sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, vacation and adventure. 


About Mt. Lianhua Shimao Ski Resort: 


In 2018, Shimao Group invested on the upgrading and transformation of Mt. Lianhua Ski Resort. One year after Shimao Group entered Changchun City, Mt. Lianhua Shimao Ski Resort was officially opened to the public, with a POMA detachable ropeway, the first of its kind imported from France, put in use. 


The resort covers an area of about six square kilometers, covering professional slopes and national level diving platforms. It has successively hosted seven editions of “Freestyle Aerial Skills World Cup” sponsored by FIS. It is a comprehensive ski resort integrating public skiing and athletic competitions. With such advantages in being within a distance of going and coming back to town in a day and suitable for skiers at all levels, Shimao Ski Resort is en route to “the first stop for skiing in China”. 


In addition to skiing, the resort is indeed friendly to tourists in four seasons, namely, sightseeing in spring, water park in summer, mountaineering in autumn and snow games in winter. There are a series of non-snow season leisure and entertainment experience projects for the public such as parent-child agricultural garden, water park, adult orientation, nature school, snow slope and flower sea. At present, Ecosign, a company from Canada, has completed the overall planning according to which Shimao Group will invest some RMB10 billion to build a huge tourism complex integrating low-density residence, five-star hotel, business street, B&B, catering and entertainment.