Gongzhuling under Acting Governance of Changchun City

Updated : 2020-06-23Source : CCFAO
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With the approval of the State Council, Gongzhuling, a county-level city originally governed by Siping, was incorporated into the acting governance of Changchun City.

In line with the mode of governance of the same city, the citizens of Gongzhuling will enjoy the same policies applied to their counterparts in Changchun City in such aspects as housing, child education, medical treatment, employment, vehicle management and social security.

Gongzhuling covers an area of 4,058 square kilometers, equivalent to a quarter of that of Changchun City. After such incorporation, Changchun will govern seven districts and one county and manage three county-level cities, ranking the third nationwide in terms of total area. Its population is predicted to go up from the fifth to the third with 8.544 million only next to Harbin and Lhasa.