Trillion-level “New Infrastructure” to Broaden Changchun’s Channel of Leaping Advancement

Updated : 2020-05-19Source : CCFAO
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The National Development and Reform Commission held a regular press conference on April 20 on which the concept “New Infrastructure” and its connotation were made clear for the first time: The new infrastructure is an infrastructure system guided by new development concept, driven by technological innovation, based on information network and to meet the need of high-quality development and providing such services as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation. 


The CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Jilin Province unveiled the new infrastructure projects “761” lately. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, 2,188 new infrastructure projects will be planned and implemented, with a total investment of RMB1096.2 billion to accelerate the construction of “new infrastructure in seven aspects” including 5G, UHV, intercity high-speed railway, rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, AI and industrial internet, improve in an all-round way the “six networks” of intelligent information, road, water, power grid, oil, gas, and municipal infrastructure network, and thus strive to strengthen the short board of social undertakings. 


To give a quick response to the initiative of new infrastructure, Changchun City set up a leading group led by senior officials, formulated the overall plan of new infrastructure projects “761”, kick-started the project designing and task deployment at the earliest possible time. So far, 940 out of the new infrastructure projects “761” have been planned for acceleration with a total planned investment of RMB1013.1 billion. The effort in this regard will vigorously promote the leading development, prioritized development and accelerated development of the “four plates”, thereby adding a strong power to the construction of the modern metropolitan area of Changchun City.