Changchun 2020 International Ice and Snow Marathon Kick-started

Updated : 2020-01-13Source : CCFAO
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The Changchun 2020 International Ice and Snow Marathon was kick-started inside the Snow World of Jingyue Lake Scenic Area at 10:00 a.m. on January 12, 2020. Some 1,500 people from 8 countries and regions such as Australia, France, Germany, Russia and 15 provinces and 3 municipalities including Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu participated in the race. 

The event is one of the main activities of the 23rd Changchun Ice and Snow Festival. It is co-sponsored by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Changchun Municipal Bureau of Sport, Changchun Foreign Affairs Office (CCFAO), and jointly organized by Jilin Freeman Sports Culture Company and Changchun Jingyue Lake Tourism Development Group Company. In line with the theme “Competing in Ice and Snow Games, Enjoying the Charm of Changchun City”, such competitions as Half Marathon, 10km, 5km, 3km, 500m for Children will be organized as an effort to make the participants have fun in games while enjoying the beautiful winter sceneries of Changchun City.  

According to the organizing committee, a 3-kilometer snow road was designed to test the competitors’ ability under low temperature and snow conditions. The supplies for the event with the characteristics of Northeast China are also a highlight, covering roasted sweet potato, boiled corn, frozen pear, mutton soup, soybean milk, ginger and sugar water to let the participants taste the delicacy of Northeast China and experience the host city’s enthusiasm.  


Thanks to the active efforts of sponsors and organizers, the level of internationalization of Changchun International Ice and Snow Marathon has been continuously improved. It has become increasingly popular among overseas runners, thereby selected as a friendship match for the Glory Ice Race of Vladivostok Russia. Giving free entry places to each other has been adopted by the two sides. This year, 20 free entry places to Changchun International Ice and Snow Marathon were provided Russian competitors. In addition to participating in the ice and snow marathon, they also visited Changchun’s scenic spots and featured blocks such as the Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State, Ba Shu Ying Xiang, and enjoyed the ice and snow landscapes a the Changchun Jingyue Lake Snow World and Changchun World Sculpture Park. Changchun will also send a delegation to take part in the Glory Ice Race in Vladivostok on February 22 this year. The two sides will continue to strengthen culture and tourism exchanges and enhance international friendship. In the future, Changchun will also strengthen cooperation and expand exchanges with more countries through ice and snow sport.