Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio Stages Feast of Summer Carnival

Updated : 2019-07-30Source : CCFAO
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The symphony concert of “Summer Carnival” was staged as one of the cultural and artistic activity series “My Motherland and I” by the Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio Friday night on July 29, 2019. The event was said to have brought about pleasant coolness and sensation for the audience in this hot summer.

The concert, which was directed by Gao Song, a young symphony conductor, was attended by Young Violinist and Chief Performer He Nan and all the performers of the Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio. It was started with Danzon No.2 , a nine-minute piece of performance, brisk to intense and unrestrained, which provided the audience a picture of “a beautiful Mexican girl dancing on stage”.

Among the programs also included “Phantom of the Opera” and others popular among kids such as “Batman” of the American film “Dark Knight”, “Lion King”, “Pink Panther” and “Dragon Cat”. The event was climaxed with such a music performance Super Mario that awakened many people’s memories of the classic game. The symphony “Trumpeter’s Holiday” highlighted the features of trumpet through which the skills of brass instruments were manifested thoroughly and vividly.