Changchun International Marathon 2019 to Start on May 26

Updated : 2019-05-08Source : CCFAO
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The Red Flag HS5-Changchun International Marathon is scheduled to be held on May 26, 2019. This year, there will be four competitions, including Full Marathon (5,000 people), Half Marathon (8,000 people), 10km Marathon (8,000 people) and Mini Marathon (9,000 people). The number of participants in the whole event is predicted to reach 30,000 people. The route is said to be the same as that of 2018. The starting point is at the Changchun Sports Center. The route covers the main streets and famous scenic spots of Changchun City.


 Marathon (42.195 km): Men’s Group and Women’s Group

 Half-marathon (21.0975 km): Men’s Group and Women’s Group

 10km Marathon (10 km): Male and/or Female

 Mini Marathon (5 km, including teams of families and couples): Male and/or Female

Competition Route:

(1) Full Marathon: Changchun Sports Center (Starting Point), Ziyou Road, Xinmin Square, Yan’an Street, Nanhu Square (Finishing Point for Mini Marathon), Nanhu Road, Renmin Street, Weixing Square (Finishing Point for 10km Marathon), Weixing Road, South Express Highway, Silicon Valley Street, Chaoda Road (South Fourth Ring Road), Intersection of Chaoda Road and Kai Yun Street (Finishing Point for Half Marathon), West Lake Road (West Fourth Ring Road), Automotive Road, Automotive Square, Xing’an Road, Dongfeng Street, Western Express Highway, Xi’an Road, People’s Square, People's Street, Ziyou Road, Changchun Sports Center (Finishing Point for Full Marathon)

(2) Finishing Point for Half Marathon: Intersection of Chaoda Road and Kaiyun Street

(3) Finishing Point for 10 km Marathon: Weixing Square

(4) Finishing Point for Mini Marathon: South Lake Square