2020·CETIDZ--Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area

Updated : 2020-03-17Source : CCFAO
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Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area


I. Project Name: Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Changchun Xinglong Bonded Area


II. Project Location: Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Area


III. Industrial Categorization: Pharmaceutical and Health


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content: The project covers a land area of 200,000 square meters and a total construction area of 300,000 square meters to attract the settlement of more than 10 enterprises engaged in pharmaceutical R&D, production and trade. According to the planning, medical laboratory instrument, medical laboratory reagent production, TCM granule processing, biopharmaceutical, medical rehabilitation center, sub-health service center, medical device parts production project and rehabilitation device projects will be constructed.


V. Prospect Analysis: The industrial development trend shows that health medicine industry has now entered a fast growing period, with a high degree of prosperity. There are three engines to support its high-speed development, first, aging and environmental pollution have increased the potential demand for health care and medical care; second, the improvement of residents’ awareness has expanded the expenditure on health care; and third, the policy has promoted the development of health industry in China. These three positive factors are expected to remain ferment in the future, so the development of health medicine industry will be promoted sustainably.

China has a huge population with a great potential demand for health care. Statistics show that by 2026 the population of 60 years old or above will reach 300 million, and by 2041 it go up to 400 million. The elderly have a relatively larger demand for medical resources. Among the total of 65 years old or above 66% rely on prescribed and OTC drugs. An elderly person has 12 to 17 pieces of prescriptions a year each of which covers 4.5 kinds of prescribed and 2.1 kinds of OTC drugs. The aging of people will make the demand for drugs present a long-term, sustained trend of growth. By 2050, the consumption potential of elderly population in China is expected to increase to RMB106 trillion, thereby making China a country with the largest market potential for aging around the world.

As the transnational pharmaceutical industry goes more international, the pattern of global pharmaceutical market will experience a dramatic change. By 2020, the biomedical market of China will be the second largest after that of United States in the world. Innovative and first-time generic drugs may enjoy a bigger market space for development under which innovative and biological drugs constitute the main line for investment.


VI. Investment Size: RMB1 billion to be invested


VII. Cooperation Mode: Joint investment and cooperation, or face-to-face discussions about the possibility of investment and cooperation to be accepted


VIII. Contact: HAN Xuefei, 13630550309