2020·CETIDZ--Northeastern Emerging Electronic Information Industrial Park

Updated : 2020-03-17Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Northeastern Emerging Electronic Information Industrial Park


II. Project Location: Changchun Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone


III. Industrial Categorization: Electronic Information


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content: On the basis of the comparative advantages and development potential of Jilin Province in such aspects as basic research, applied technology research and product development of electronic information industry, close attention will be paid to follow the leaders of the field at home and abroad to explore key technologies, expand industrial scale, form product characteristics and promote the development of information industry of the new generation, thereby striving to make Jilin Province such a national electronic information industry base that has its own characteristics and is well-known at home and abroad. The construction area of the project totals 300,000 square meters mainly for the construction of such structures as eight light industrial plants with a building area of 100,000 square meters, one office building totaling 50,000 square meters, two dormitories with a building area of 100,000 square meters, and one supportive service building of 50,000 square meters in such different modules as PC production, laptop production, server, integrated circuit design and R&D, integrated circuit and colored TV flat panel display, semiconductor and residence for employees.


V. Prospect Analysis: Upon completion, the project will be conducive to forming a complete industrial chain, promoting industrial upgrading, driving the development of downstream industries, facilitating employment and playing a role in propelling the local social development, thereby speeding up the development of emerging industries of Changchun City.


VI. Investment Size: RMB5.5 billion including RMB4.7025 billion for construction to be invested


VII. Cooperation Mode: Joint Investment


VIII. Contact: WANG Xiaoli, 18601337788