2020·Changchun New Area--Cultural, Sci-Tech and Creative Industrial Park in Changchun Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Cultural, Sci-Tech and Creative Industrial Park in Changchun Hi-tech Industry Development Zone


II. Project Location: Changchun Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Changchun New Area


III. Industrial Categorization: Service Industry


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content


The project covers a land area of 49,587 square meters and a building area of 226,767 square meters for the construction of a 24-story star hotel, three 18-story office buildings, a three-story building integrating such functions as exhibition and cinema, and a two-story building under the ground totaling 82,000 square meters and equipped with 1,300 parking places. The main structures of these buildings inside the park have been completed, followed by other corresponding construction covering outdoor piping, power line, curtain wall and interior decoration, etc.


V. Analysis of Market Prospect


The creative economy generates USD22 billion a day around the world, with a progressive growth rate of 5%. The growth rate is faster in some countries, for example, 14% in the United States and 12% in the UK. The “soft power” of culture has now become an important part of a city’s comprehensive strength. Ultimately, to improve it is to reinforce the competitiveness of cultural and creative industry to which the key is to developing cultural and creative sectors in eight categories including information service, animation and game, design service, modern media, artwork, education and training, cultural recreation and tourism, cultural convention and exhibition. Upon completion, the project will attract 20,000 high-caliber innovative and entrepreneurial talents, which in turn will drive the output value of cultural, sci-tech and creative industries and other corresponding industries of Changchun City up to more than RMB1 billion.

VI. Investment Scale: RMB 1.0137394 billion to be invested in total.


VII. Cooperation Mode: It is expected to cooperate with enterprises at home and abroad with experience in managing and operating cultural and creative industrial parks. For the cooperation and development of the project, the mode of overall transfer or equity participation will be adopted.


VIII. Contact: The Bureau of Commercial and Foreign Affairs, Changchun New Area, 0431-81335588.