2020·Changchun New Area--Headquarters of Changchun Airport Cargo Airlines

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Headquarters of Changchun Airport Cargo Airlines


II. Project Location: Airport Economy Development Zone, Changchun New Area


III. Industrial Categorization: Service Industry


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content


The project covers a land area of about 200,000 square meters and a building area of 120,000 square meters mainly for the construction of office building, cargo hangar, logistic warehouse, maintenance center, staff dormitory and other facilities. The construction period is 2 years. Upon completion, it will significantly increase Changchun Longjia International Airport’s annual cargo handling capacity, make up for its short board of air cargo transportation, directly increase the number of departure, arrival and overnight flights, indirectly promote the economic development of the airport and its surrounding areas and thus bring significant benefits to the airport while effectively leading the healthy development of airport industry.


V. Analysis of Market Prospect


As a large number of multinational enterprises enter China, their air cargo outsourcing and active effort in expanding Chinese market will follow. Meanwhile, investment on air cargo transportation will become increasingly popular among domestic investors. As an important carrier for national strategy, Changchun Airport Economy Development Zone is a strategic platform to promote the transformation of Changchun New Area and its involvement in international cooperation brought about by the “Belt and Road” Initiative and exploration for the construction of an international free trade area. Changchun Longjia International Airport is one of the four major international airports in Northeast China. It is a gateway of aviation in Northeast Asia. In 2018, the number of times of passengers it served reached 13 million people and the amount of cargos handled at the airport was 100,000 tons. As cargo handling increases, foreign cargo aviation giants and Chinese aviation enterprises will seize the opportunity for their own development to build the air cargo headquarters in Changchun Airport Economy Development Zone with a high-quality business environment.


VI. Investment Scale: RMB1.5 billion to be invested in total.


VII. Cooperation Mode: Discussions for the possibility of developing and building the headquarters will be held with domestically and internationally renowned companies including Qingdao Airlines, SINO-LAC Airlines and Swedish Airlines, etc.


VIII. Contact: The Bureau of Commercial and Foreign Affairs, Changchun New Area, 0431-81335588.