2020·Changchun New Area--Changchun Airport Yinma Yungu Big Data Industrial Park

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Changchun Airport Yinma Yungu Big Data Industrial Park


II. Project Location: Airport Economy Development Zone, Changchun New Area


III. Industrial Categorization: Service Industry


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content


The project covers a land area of approximately 1.2 million square meters mainly for the infrastructure construction of top-end servers, high-density but low-cost servers, mass storage devices and high-performance computing devices. It is mainly based on cloud management to ensure that the entire cloud computing center can be operated safely, stably, and managed effectively. It is an inevitable trend for socioeconomic development to build a big data industrial park, grasp the development direction of big data, promote the development and application of big data, and develop big data service industry. It plays an important role in promoting the socioeconomic development of Changchun City. And it is conducive to industrial restructuring and of great strategically practical significance to speeding up the construction of a “smart city”. Meanwhile, upon completion, it can improve the abilities of local sci-tech and information services, which in turn will facilitate to a great extent the city’s employment, tax revenue and improvement of regional image.


V. Analysis of Market Prospect


The big data industry of China has developed from nothing to something in recent years. In all parts of the country, the enthusiasm for the development of big data is high, and the application of big data expands rapidly. The growth of market size is onward. Statistics show that the size of big data market in China will maintain a growth rate of about 30% in the next few years. It will drive the transformation of IT service industry with a market size of trillions while promoting the rapid development of other areas of the national economy.


VI. Investment Scale: RMB2 billion to be invested in total.


VII. Cooperation Mode: Top 100 big data companies at home and abroad.


VIII. Contact: The Bureau of Commercial and Foreign Affairs, Changchun New Area, 0431-81335588.