2020·Changchun New Area--Changchun Changde Tianji General Aviation Center

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Changchun Changde Tianji General Aviation Center


II. Project Location: Changde Economic Development Zone of Changchun New Area


III. Industrial Categorization: Service Industry


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content


The project is designed to get settled inside the Changde Economic Development Zone, Changchun New Area, with a total land area of nearly 20 square kilometers for the construction of a spatial structure of “two centers, three axes and four sections”, that is, “two centers” with the airport runway as the core for the construction of general aviation operation and service center, and the center for supportive urban service composed of characteristic township and auxiliary services; “three axes” including urban development axis along the National Highway 102, and two landscape axes along the Wukai River and Ganwuhai River, which is expected to improve the environment quality of Changchun Tianji General Aviation Center and provide the residents with such experience as waterfront and ecological wetland landscape; four distinctive sections including the original rural life section, urban center waterfront section, aviation industry leisure section, and flower sea portal section, which are characterized by aviation-based high-tech, operation and service, holiday tourism and recreation as well as geographical portal advantage and featured township life. According to the actual use of land of Changchun Tianji General Aviation Center, the industrial function distribution is divided into three plates, namely, airport operation plate, production and manufacturing plate, and life support plate.


V. Analysis of Market Prospect


With the rapid development of economy and the opening of low-altitude airspace in China, the general aviation market environment is getting improved gradually. The general aviation industry has enjoyed such a rare development opportunity that breeds huge development potential and market space. Changchun New Area has been attaching great importance to aerospace equipment, intelligent control and perception and other equipment manufacturing industries.


VI. Investment Scale: RMB55.4 billion to be invested in total.


VII. Cooperation Mode: It is an industrial park under government-led construction for which research, development, manufacturing, general aviation operation and corresponding general aviation enterprises will be ushered in as planned.


VIII. Contact: The Bureau of Commercial and Foreign Affairs, Changchun New Area, 0431-81335588.