2020·Erdao District--Large-scale Business, Trade, Top-end Residence Project

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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I. Project Name: Large-scale Business, Trade, Top-end Residence Project  


II. Project Location: Erdao District, Changchun City of Jilin Province, east to Puyang District, west to Dongyi Street, south to Sitong Road and north to the Nancun Road of Intercity High-speed Railway  


III. Industrial Categorization: Modern Service Industry 


IV. Project Profile and Construction Content: The project covers an area of about 1.21 million square meters. It’s planned to build a large-scale, multi-functional commercial complex in line with the mode of “all elements integrated” for such functions as business, trade, culture, tourism, health preservation, old-age care, medical care, residence, etc. 


V. Prospect Analysis: Consumption environments and habits upgraded, the commercial real estate in China has entered the era of large-scale business complexes, which is the product of urban life, urban vitality development and demand of urban function intensification. Such complexes are characterized by convenient transportation, high density, high intensification, complementary and comprehensive functions as well as close connection with one another. In such complexes, consumption vitality can be explored in more depth, supplementary benefits for different functions can be made possible, and profits in many aspects can be obtained. The highly intensive functions of such complexes are best suitable for people’s various needs, which is able to expand the offline consumption scenarios, meet the fragmented and personalized consumption needs of customers, and thus promote the development of business and commerce. 


VI. Investment Size: RMB10 billion to be invested jointly by self-raising and application for local special debut  


VIII. Contact: The Bureau of Commerce, Erdao District, Changchun City of Jilin Province, ZHANG Zhiwu, 86-431-84646772