2020·Kuancheng ETIDZ--Circular Economy Industrial Park

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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Circular Economy Industrial Park of Changchun Kuancheng Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone


Project Location: Changchun Kuancheng Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone, east to Binjiu Road, west to Planned Yier Road, south to Xinggong Road and north to Jiasi Road.


Project Profile: The project, which is situated inside the Changchun Kuancheng Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone, is meant to create an industrial highland and promote the development of circular economy for which an industrial park integrating scrapped car dismantling and recycling of non-ferrous metals, scrapped steel and waste tires will be constructed so as to attract upstream and downstream enterprises to form an industrial cluster and expand the influence of the park. It covers a land area of 250,000 square meters for four functional sections, namely, production processing, technology research and development, supportive facilities and management service. It focuses on the development of five industrial chains for resource recycling of non-ferrous metal, black metal and automobile for which 11 industrial projects including automobile dismantling, waste aluminum recycling and utilization will be constructed.


Investment and Financing: RMB1.3 billion


Cooperation Mode: Sole investment by investor(s)


Investment Form: Fund, equipment or technology


Project Progress: All supportive facilities are completed and investment attraction is underway.


Contact: HUANG He, JIN Xin

Telephone: 0431-89991922/0431-89991921

Email: 285251088@qq.com


Contact Information about Host City (Prefecture) of Projects

Contact Unit: Office of Cooperation and Exchanges of Changchun City

Contact Person: ZHANG Anqi

Telephone: 0431-82763933

Fax: 0431-82763933

Email: cc82763933@163.com

City (Prefecture) Website: http://www.ccmbc.com/