2020·Yushu City--Treatment on Wukeshu River of Yushu City

Updated : 2020-03-16Source : CCFAO
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Treatment on Wukeshu River of Yushu City


Project Location: Wukeshu Township of Yushu City  


Industrial Categorization: Environmental Comprehensive Treatment  


Project Profile and Construction Content: The section for garbage removal and river dredging is 4.902 kilometer meters long, covering 111,000 cubic meters of garbage and 2,900 cubic meters of bottom mud to be removed, about 2.234 kilometers of river channel to be dredged, 40 garbage bins to be arranged, 7,136 square meters of aquatic plants to be planted, 14,272 cubic meters of earthwork to be excavated for bank renovation, 68,170 square meters for ecological slope protection, 3,000 square meters of wooden trestles, 3,000 square meters of square and 450 square meters of public toilets (10) to be constructed, one set of landscape lighting system, 8 sculptures and small structures, 10,000 meters of landscape guardrails, 100 sets of seats, 30 signs and 10 sets of network monitoring systems to be installed.  


Investment Size: RMB110.5864 million to be invested in total.  


Cooperation Mode: The mode of government procurement of service plus EPC (engineering, purchase, construction) contract is acceptable for cooperation.  


Contact: BAO Haifeng 13404360588