Changchun Shuangyang District Shimengou Tourism Comprehensive Development Project-Shuangyang District

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Project name

Changchun Shuangyang District Shimengou Tourism Comprehensive Development Project

About the


Shimengou of Shuangyang District is situated at Luxiang Town, the home of the Shuangyang spotted deers. The project is planned to occupy a plot of 3.5 million square meters, and the main construction contents include the 18,000 square meters-"rural deer viewing garden," the 5,000 square meters-"divine deer sculpture garden" and the 7,000 square meters-"deer domestication garden". Annual visitors number is 450,000 person/times.


investment (RMB 100





required (RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format

Joint venture, cooperation, solely-funded

Economic return analysis

Annual operating income of RMB 300 million, profit and tax of RMB 75 million

Main product


 Leisure, recuperation, healthcare, tourism




 Shimengou of Shuangyang District is situated at Luxiang Town, the home of the Shuangyang spotted deers. The views here are picturesque, natural sceneries and biodiversity here coexist harmoniously, forest clusters are well-layered, flowers blossom beautifully during spring, waters flow freely during summer, golden leafs blanket the mountains during autumn, pristine snow covers the ground during winter, each of the four seasons are distinct, the ecology is verdant and transportation is convenient. In combination with the one-of-a-kind local spotted deer resources, the project incorporates modern animal husbandry, cultural and arts sightseeing, and leisure tourism in one. The project is tremendously worthy of development for its growth potentials, science and technology sophistication, ecological profile, entertainment characteristics and demonstrative value. Furthermore, the project stands at a junction of a popular Changchun-Shuangyang tourism route, which adds to its market prospect.




Situated at the Chinese home of spotted deers, the project location has both idyllic ecological environment and abundant spotted deer resources. The project region has also been provided with sufficient facilities such as water and power supply, as well as convenient transportation. The project is presently in its planning and design phase.

Project early

stage progress

The project is intended to be established at Luxiang Village of Luxiang Town in Shuangyang District of Changchun, and planning, design and compilation of feasibility report are underway.



Economic Cooperation Bureau of Shuangyang District, Changchun



Contact person

Cao Zhance




Postal code



No. 599 West Shuangyang Street, Shuangyang District, Changchun

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