Changchun Shuangyang Lake Ecological Leisure Tourism Comprehensive Development Project-Shuangyang District

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Project name

Changchun Shuangyang Lake Ecological Leisure Tourism Comprehensive Development Project

About the project

The Shuangyang Lake Ecological Leisure Tourism Park is a key component of the tourism system that is a priority within the Shuangyang District Government. Occupying a territory of 230,000 square meters, including construction space of 26,209 square meters, the project is planned to be divided into the seven scenic zones of two parks, four regions and one center. The two parks refer to the aquatic ecological entertainment and scenery park, and the wetland ecological leisure, entertainment and scenery park. The four regions are comprised of the green fairyland tourism and mansions region, the lakeside vacation and healthcare leisure region, the golden sunlight recuperation and rehabilitation region, and the Venetian children's entertainment region. The one center is the Shuangyang Lake water sports and entertainment center. Annual visitors number 600,000 person/times.



 (RMB 100






(RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format

Joint venture, cooperation


return analysis

Annual operating income of RMB 200 million, profit and tax of RMB 80 million


product usage

 Leisure, recuperation, healthcare, tourism




The Shuangyang Lake Ecology Park is situated in the middle of a hot spot and features excellent geographic location, natural resources, cultural and arts resources, other unique resources and ecological conditions, thus making this project highly suitable and promising for development. After completion, the project anticipates great prospect as it will further enhance the attractiveness of the tourism market and increase demands of the tourism market. Along with Shuangyang Lake Resort Village, Bei Mountain Park's Yuantongzhen Temple, Diaoshuihu's karst caves and the wide range of farming villages in the surroundings, it will form a Shuangyang cluster tourism route capable of providing dining, drinking, entertainment and leisure functions. This will drive the growth of the tourism industry in Shuangyang District and further expand its sphere of tourist sources.




The project location is blessed with beneficial policies, outstanding ecological environment, comprehensive set-up of water, power and other utilities, accessible transportation, and a certain degree of existing foundation and public recognition. The project is in its planning and design stage currently.

Project early

stage progress

The project is intended to be established near Shuangyang Lake in Shuangyang District of Changchun, and planning, design and compilation of feasibility report are underway.



Economic Cooperation Bureau of Shuangyang District, Changchun



Contact person

Cao Zhance




Postal code



No. 599 West Shuangyang Street, Shuangyang District, Changchun

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