Jilin Spotted Deer Industry Park-Shuangyang District

Updated : 2017-07-10Source : 长春日报
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Project name

Jilin Spotted Deer Industry Park

About the


Shuangyang is the country's only "China Home of Spotted Deers," and in 2008 it received Geographic Symbol Trademark status. In 2011 Shuangyang was confirmed as one of the two development cores of Jilin Province's spotted deer industry, named a "Chinese Spotted Deer Species Cultivation Model Zone" by the China Wildlife Conservation Association, and the spotted deer of Shuangyang was voted as China's most influential agricultural region public brand in 2013. In 2014, the size of the herd of spotted deers maintained at Shuangyang reached 195,000 animals, and antler production amounted to 105 tons. The size of the herd of spotted deers in Shuangyang accounts for 30% of national total and 50% of Jilin provincial total, making it the country's largest hub for deer-related product. Furthermore, the main economic indicators of the deer industry have occupied the top spot among all counties (districts) across China. Planning for the Shuangyang Spotted Deer Industry Park calls for a division into two sections, as in the spotted deer fine processing zone and the spotted deer support services zone. The fine processing zone will mostly include pharmaceutical enterprises that use deer products as raw ingredients, enterprises that process health supplements derived from deer products, and organic food processing enterprises. The support service zone will include financing, research and development center, human resources exchange, logistics and other public service platforms. The project is slated for a plot of 2.5 million square meters.

Total investment (RMB 100 million)



 investment required

 (RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format

Joint venture, cooperation


return analysis

Annual operating income of RMB 10 billion, profit and tax of RMB 1 billion

Main product usage

Health supplements, medicine and organic foodstuff related to deer products




The Jilin Spotted Deer Industry Park leverages on the spotted deer resources unique to Shuangyang, and at present has formed an industry chain primarily comprised of health supplements, medicine and organic foodstuff related to deer products that involve deer product R&D and fine processing. Three pillar industries have taken shape inside the Park, namely deer product-based pharmaceutical industry, spotted deer-based health supplements processing industry and organic foodstuff industry. From raw materials to early stage products, full support is provided and products are sold around the nation to fantastic consumer reaction, and thus market potential is huge and promising.


 establishment conditions

    Project location at the Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area has "seven connections and one flat" (water, sewage, electricity, road, communication, heating and natural gas connections, and flat land). Its location is quite ideal, being situated merely 26 km from downtown Changchun. Land for the region of the project's location is being acquired. Shuangyang spotted deer products are renowned both "branding" advantage and resource advantage, as well as cutting-edge processing technology and thus market prospect is quite large.

Project early

stage progress

The project is located inside the Health Industry Park of the Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area



Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area



Contact person

Ma Yushuang





Postal code



Management Committee, Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area, Changchun, Jilin Province, PR China