Cervical Cancer Vaccine-Shuangyang District

Updated : 2017-07-10Source : 长春日报
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Project name

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

About the project

Every year China is plagued by over 132,000 new cervical cancer cases and over 30,000 deaths caused by cervical cancer. Cervical cancer vaccination is currently the only cancer vaccine and can effectively reduce disease incidence by 70%. This project occupies 50,000 square meters, including 45,000 square meters of construction space, that will be able to produce enough vaccine dosage for three million patients . The project is estimated to require a total investment of RMB 130 million, of which 80 million will be used for construction, 30 million for research and development, and 20 million for floating capital.

Total investment (RMB

100 million)


External investment required (RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format

Joint venture, cooperation

Economic return analysis

Annual operating income of RMB 1.5 billion, profit and tax of RMB 150 million

Main product usage

Cervical cancer prevention

Market potential projection

Latest statistics indicate that every year there are 132,000 new cases of cervical cancer in China, accounting for 28% of world total. Further, according to estimates of suitable patient and vaccination process, the projected market capacity is over 10 million doses per year and market potential is incredible .

Project establishment


Project location boasts excellent external conditions, including availability of facilities such as water, electricity, natural gas, communication network and convenient transportation. The project itself is characterized by cutting-edge technology, and vaccine production is mature and reliable. The project possesses well-qualified and highly professional technical staffs and very promising future.

Project early stage


The project is intended to be established inside the Health Industry Park of the Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area, and compilation of feasibility report is underway.

Contact organization

Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area



Contact person

Ma Yushuang





Postal code



Management Committee, Changchun Shuangyang Economic Development Area, Changchun, Jilin Province, PR China


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