Chinese Characteristic Health Tourism Town-Changchun New Zone

Updated : 2017-07-10Source : 长春日报
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Project name

Chinese Characteristic Health Tourism Town

About the project

The project is themed with leisure tourism, heart nourishing & body building, sports, experience and heart relaxation. It is planned to build six industry clusters, ten functional areas and N+ health preservation projects to meet the needs of various people for leisure entertainment and health preservation.

Total investment (RMB 100 million)




required (RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format


Economic return


The project applies the development concept of Chinese health tourism, ecological protection and  vacation tour. In the aspect of industrial form, the project is to be developed from a single tourism project into a project of diversified tourism and functional vacation, integrating various industrial forms including tourist attraction, resort hotel, Chinese health preservation and senior industry to provide tourists with all-around traveling experience. Moreover, the project is to be developed to spread the traditional Chinese medical culture, innovate the mode of sustainable development, achieve economic and social benefits and create a new look of Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone.

Main product



Market potential


Chinese Characteristic Health Tourism Town leverages on forest resources in Guanma Mountain Area in Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone, in order to build a health-preservation tourist resort characterized by sightseeing, cultural experience, leisure, recuperation, health preservation by traveling, exercise and vacation, habitability and enjoyment for the aged for balance of physical and spiritual health. The project will attract international tourists to stimulate the demand of consumption by building the traditional Chinese medical culture industry, creating a high-quality tourist route and improving the connotation and quality of tourism.




With traffic arteries such as airport, high-speed rail, highway, urban expressway and subway, Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone is a vital transportation hub of Changchun and an important node on the tourism corridor of Jilin Province. Furthermore, Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone is a bearing base for industries of ports, health, leisure, enjoyment for the aged and urban tourism and is blessed with a vast expanse of forest resources from Changbai Mountain to Dahei Mountain, Yinma River Basin and rolling hills, which forms an integrated ecological water system and forest green belt, thus making it an ecological tourist attraction integrating tourism, vacation, leisure, health preservation, conference and other functions.

Project early stage progress




Office of Sports & Health Industry Park, Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone



Contact person

Zhang Fusheng





Postal code



No. 3777, Gangnan Avenue, Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone