Changchun International Financial Center-Nan'guan District

Updated : 2017-07-10Source : 长春日报
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Project name

Changchun International Financial Center

About the project

Changchun International Financial Center is situated at the junction of Renmin Street and Jiefang Avenue in Nanguan District. With a total building area of about 300,000 square meters and an investment of RMB 2.2 billion from Rongfeng Holding Group, the project is intended to be built into a large-scale commercial complex integrating supper 5A office, Maker's office space, one-floor mansion and shopping center.

Total investment

(RMB 100 million)


External investment


(RMB 100 million)


Cooperation format



Economic return


Return on investment for offices is around 8%-10%.

Main product usage

Office work, business

Market potential


After completion, the project anticipates great prospect as it will advance the development of regional business, attract over 30 regional headquarters and over 120 SMEs in industries including financial industry and financial service industry, increase by over 16,000 jobs and gain tax revenue of RMB 200 million.

Project establishment conditions

With Certificate for the Use of State-owned Land, Construction Land Use Permit, Planning Permit of Construction Engineering, Engineering Construction Permit and Pre-sale Permit for Commodity Housing, the project is now in its node construction stage.

Project early stage


Main structure of the project has been completed, and the project is to be completed at the end of the year and then put into operation.

Contact organization

Changchun Rongfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.



Contact person

Li Zhibin




Postal code



Sales Center of Changchun International Financial Center at the junction of Renmin Street and Jiefang Avenue, Changchun

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