Measures to Boost Development of Business Environment in Changchun City

Updated : 2022-02-24Source : CCFAO
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In line with the requirements of the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City on optimizing business environment to enter the first matrix of the country, Changchun Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources has adopted business environment evaluation indicators, learned from advanced counterparts, taken innovative measures, optimized processes and provided efficient services. At present, two measures to optimize real estate registration have reached the advanced level nationwide, six have reached the advanced level in Northeast China, and four have made major breakthroughs. 


Take Two Innovative Initiatives 

1. “Two-in-one transaction” of housing and property rights has been adopted and taking the lead to have “certificates transacted upon delivery of houses” has been realized. In 2021, such initiative benefited 25 development projects and 24,700 sets of houses, thereby being promoted by the authority of natural resources in the whole province and selected as one of the “top ten excellent business environment cases” in the city. 

2. Government-bank cooperation has been realized “online”. The applicants can handle housing mortgage at bank where documents of such applications can be transmitted once accepted to other authorities online through the real estate registration system so that e-certificates can be sent from one office to another for approval featuring “zero distance” for applicants. 


Optimize Six Measures 

1. Registration and transaction are integrated nationwide so that applicants can enjoy convenience of not “going from one place for registration to another for transaction”. 

2. Technology empowers “apps on hand”. Mobile phone Apps of WeChat, Auspicious App and Alipay and others alike provide such functions as self-service payment, checking and downloading e-certificates of real estate rights, which have been applied to housing transaction, registered residence management, student enrollment, etc. 

3. Benefit the public through “reducing fees”. Since September 2021, the tax rate for real estate transactions has been reduced to 3% from 5%. The effort has saved about RMB600,000 registration fees for micro and small-sized enterprises, about RMB200,000 storage and industrial land transfer fees and about RMB about RMB48 million bridge loan fees through allowing an enterprise involved with pay of debt with another loan. 

4. Make service applications accepted “around the clock”. Three 24-hour self-service inquiry and certificate printing service zones have been opened in the city. 

5. Ensure 90% of the frequently accepted registration applications completed in “one working day”, and transfer registration between enterprises “handled at the earliest possible time while applicants are waiting”. 

6. Have management carried out in line with the “same standard”. Printing and distributing the Guidelines for Real Estate Registration in Changchun City, real estate registration at city and development levels standardized and meanwhile unified policies, standards and procedures implemented throughout the city.  


Make Breakthroughs in Four Aspects 

1. Set up separate service counters for enterprise transfer registrations. One service counter, one set of documents and interaction with one staff member are ensured for enterprise transfer registrations. Once applications are accepted, examinations and approvals in a parallel manner will be conducted. 

2. Transfer of ownership of water, electricity and natural can be handled simultaneously. When handling real estate registrations, the applicants involved can also have transfer of ownership of water, electricity and natural gas completed at the same time. 

3. Registration information can be commonly shared. The information interfaces of 12 departments such as civil affairs and finance have been made compatible with each other. 

4. Make all platforms “work as one online”. With the online platforms of Jilin Provincial Department of Natural Resources, applications and approvals on the real estate registration system of Changchun City have been realized.