Changchun Customs: new measures to improve business environment

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To speed up the building of a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized first-class port business environment and constantly stimulate the vitality of market entities, as well as the endogenous driving force for development, Changchun Customs recently improved the port business environment of the province.

Strengthen the construction of "single window", launch "single-window inter-agency services", and further reduce procedures, documents, time, expenses and the number of visiting trips in accordance with the national requirements of cutting taxes and fees, separating operating permits from business licenses reform, abolishing government permits and shortening the time required for handling matters. Respect market demand and enterprises' wishes, and further deepen the reform of "early declaration", "two-step declaration" and "two-stage access". Further promote the reform of tax collection and management models and tax guarantee methods, and continue to expand the application of "collective taxation", "self-reporting and self-paying" and "tariff guarantee insurance" models. Support the province to cultivate leading enterprises with strong innovation ability and international competitiveness, enhance the trade competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies, improve the level of collaborative development, and promote the establishment of industrial clusters with characteristics.

Support the better development of cross-border transportation of domestic trade goods in the province, and encourage enterprises to apply for business by means of centralized declaration. Strengthen international logistics support, and improve the freight passage capacity of trains between China and Europe. Support enterprises to choose declaration ports independently, and implement manifest merge declaration. Support cross-border e-commerce commodity transfer procedures in the form of general waybill. Support the stable operation of "sea-rail combined transport" freight trains with Tianjin and Dalian, and realize the "seamless connection" between sea-land and sea-rail combined transport. Actively promote the "truck airline" model. Support the implementation of the 21 policies issued by the State Council on the high-quality development of integrated bonded areas. Actively support the province in its efforts to establish a China (Jilin) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and support the development of Changchun New Area, China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Hunchun Marine Economy Development Demonstration Zone and other key demonstration and pilot platforms.