47 policies and measures to promote innovative development of market entities in Jilin province

Updated : 2021-03-22Source : JL.Gov
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On March 18, the Information Office of the Jilin Provincial Government held a press conference. The General Office of the Provincial Government recently issued a guideline on stimulating the vitality of various market entities to further promote their innovative development. 
The guideline includes overall requirements, key tasks and supportive measures with 47 policies and measures. In the field of agriculture, it urged efforts to guide leading enterprises, farmers' cooperatives and family farms to establish agricultural industrialization consortia and foster a benefit linking mechanism. In the field of industry, it stressed efforts to launch major science and technology projects, organize and implement a number of key technology research and industry-university-research institute collaborative innovation projects. In the field of construction and real estate, it put forward several policies to lessen the burden on enterprises, including promoting the reform of qualification, changing the method of deposit payment, etc. In the field of commerce and trade, 1,000 foreign trade firms will be trained this year. In the field of culture and tourism, it put forward two core resources—"ice and snow" and "summer vacation". In the field of self-employed businesses, the negative list for market entities registration is proposed without any restrictions, and the self-employed operators are exempted from registration according to law. In the field of comprehensive services and factor supply, it urged efforts to continue to implement the policies of reducing, exempting, or deferring taxes and fees, so as to effectively reduce the burden on market entities.