Changchun New Area Approved as National Pilot Zone

Updated : 2024-01-23Source : CCFAO
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Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the list of high-quality agglomeration development demonstration zones and pilot zones in the national intellectual property service industry. Changchun New Area was approved as a pilot zone, making it the only selected unit in our province.
The construction of the national intellectual property service industrial high-quality agglomeration development pilot zone aims to build a batch of influential demonstration zones in places where the intellectual property service industry is well-established and the demand for intellectual property services is strong. These zones are expected to have significant radiation and driving effects on the surrounding areas and even the whole country, promoting all-round innovation and enhancing regional economic growth.
Changchun New Area, as the only intellectual property service industrial agglomeration zone in our province, has gained recognition and strong support from provincial and municipal leaders since undertaking the construction task. Currently, the agglomeration zone has registered 86 service institutions with an annual revenue of over RMB 38 million. The "Northeast China Intellectual Property Big Data Center" and the "Changchun Intellectual Property Operation Service Platform" have been officially unveiled. The digital display platform has received over 600 visitors, establishing Changchun New Area as the region with the highest concentration of intellectual property resources and the most vibrant innovation.
In the future, in response to the construction of the pilot zone, Changchun New Area will build a knowledge property agglomeration service system through the layout of "one carrier, two platforms, three centers, and N institutions". This will promote the integrated development of platforms, institutions, capitals, industries, and talent, forming a service industrial cluster with complementary advantages and diverse formats.
Taking advantage of the approval as a pilot zone, Changchun New Area aims to create new formats of intellectual property services, establishing itself as a strong intellectual property zone with "high levels of creation, effective application models, sound environmental protection, smooth management systems, and outstanding service capabilities", and becoming a new highland for regional intellectual property development, which is rooted in the New Area and centered around Changchun, serves the entire province, connects nationally, and radiates Northeast Asia.