Changchun New Area Obtains the Title of "Preferred Investment Urban Region in China by Jiangsu Entrepreneurs"

Updated : 2024-01-23Source : CCFAO
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On January 12, it was learned from Changchun New Area that at the 2023 (10th) Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Development Conference & Jiangsu Industrial Cluster Innovation and Development Forum, Changchun New Area, favored by attending Jiangsu entrepreneurs, was awarded the title of "Preferred Investment Urban Region in China by Jiangsu Entrepreneurs in 2023", making it the only urban region selected in the three northeastern provinces.
The series of selection activities for "Preferred Investment Urban Region in China by Jiangsu Entrepreneurs in 2023", organized by the Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association, focused on aspects such as the business environment, investment policies, leading industries, natural resources, transportation location, and basic production factors and was oriented towards the county (city) level and above within certain administrative boundaries nationwide to collect recommendations for preferred locations for the outward expansion of Jiangsu's manufacturing industry investment.
Changchun New Area's investment promotion team actively connected with target enterprises from Jiangsu, thoroughly investigated the participating enterprise list in the early stage, selected enterprises that aligned with the industrial direction of Changchun New Area, and conducted targeted discussions with over 30 enterprises such as Tiangong International, CEC Environmental Protection, Jiangsu Haitou, TopXGun Robotics, Function Group, Gaohua Technology, and Xingyun Software. Some of these enterprises were invited to visit Changchun New Area. After the conference, the investment promotion team of Changchun New Area immediately visited Yaocangtong, Zhongan Semiconductor, Baiyin Gaoke, and other enterprises, with a negotiation on project cooperation matters.