Changchun New Area to build itself into technological innovation area

Updated : 2023-02-22Source : Jilin Daily
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Recently, the Changchun New Area released an action plan for building itself into a technological innovation area with the implementation of 8 major tasks of establishing platforms, cultivating entities, collecting factors, developing chains, promoting industry, improving layout, expanding opening-up and strengthening governance, so as to make contributions to the building of China's sci-tech self-reliance and strength, as well as socialist modernization.

Set up 4 types of platforms. Efforts will be made to speed up the establishment of national innovation platforms like the National Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology, promote the construction of major infrastructure projects such as the Jilin-1 satellite constellation, set up a number of new R&D institutions, and build innovation platforms integrating science, education and industry.

Cultivate technology-based and high-growth companies. Increase support for high-tech enterprises in R&D, find and foster gazelle companies and unicorn companies. Expand the development scale of specialized and sophisticated SMEs that produce novel and unique products, and create a number of manufacturing champion companies in a single field and supporting companies.

Build an innovation network with the interconnectivity and integration of talent, finance and data factors. Accelerate the establishment of Changchun Talent Innovation Center, "Land of the Future" Academician Park and other talent platforms, and focus on attracting high-level innovative talents. Implement the plan for selecting and training outstanding engineers, and encourage universities and enterprises to jointly establish colleges including "Hongqi College", "Rare Earth College" and "Xingguang College". Build Changchun Beihu Fund Town, and develop new financial products such as equity pledge and intellectual property pledge.

Establish an innovative chain system. Encourage Jilin University and other world-class universities to set up first-class disciplines. Support enterprises and universities in the implementation of the open competition mechanism. Explore and establish intellectual property application centers for pharmaceutical and photoelectric industries, and build a concept proof center in cooperation with Jilin University. Build up business incubation brands. Release the opportunity list and capability list of scenarios, and encourage leading enterprises at home and abroad to build typical application scenarios.

Create an innovation-oriented industrial cluster with two valleys, one base and two heights. Build a nationally influential "Changchun Pharmaceutical Valley", and set up a CDMO comprehensive service platform for medical devices. Build a nationally renowned "Changchun Optical Valley", support the establishment of research platforms such as the laser industry research institute and the photoelectric display technology research institute, and speed up the building of Changchun Intelligent Optical Valley Industrial Park. Build a new material base with domestic advanced technology, and support the establishment of research platforms such as the industrial technology research institute and the engineering technology research center. Build a modern service height empowered by science and technology, Build a development height for the future industry with strong momentum, develop new business forms such as metaverse, targeted treatment and AI + medical R&D, and plan to set up a pilot area for the future industry.

Shape an innovative space with three zones, one core, two circles and multiple points. Build a three-zone development pattern of "North-South innovation guidance—airport innovation carrier". Plan to build the "technological innovation core" of Beihu Science City, accelerate the establishment of major innovation platforms, and make breakthroughs in original technology. Build a mass entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem around Jilin University, as well as a technological innovation ecosystem around Beihu.

Foster a multi-level innovation pattern. Strengthen cooperation with Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuhan in the fields of digital economy, biomedicine and photoelectric information, attract a number of start-up businesses, and establish innovation platforms through cooperation.

Develop an innovative eco-environment with advanced concepts and flexible mechanisms. Support the pilot reform of the ownership of sci-tech achievements made by persons while holding positions in the R&D institutions set by the State or in universities. Support research personnel to work on part-time jobs and off-position entrepreneurship. Encourage universities and enterprises to offer special positions for sci-tech innovation talents. Perfect the service mechanism for talents, and launch the talent code in the Changchun New Area. Establish the co-governance council in the fields of biomedical, photoelectric information and new materials. Accelerate the construction of digital government in the area, and adopt the innovative credit system. Speed up the building of the Changchun Smart Legal Affairs Zone, and foster a new environment on the legal basis.