Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area

Updated : 2019-01-28Source : CCFAO
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Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area was founded with the approval of the People’s Government of Jilin Province on September 29, 2005. In December 2010, it was promoted to a national economic-technological development zone. On November 5, 2012, Changchun Xixin Economic and Technological Development Zone was renamed Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area with the ratification of the State Council and the Ministry of Commerce of China.


Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area, located in the southwestern part of Changchun City, has a total planning area of 120 square kilometers including 24 square kilometers of built up area and 96 square kilometers under construction. The population is 223,000 people. The built up area and its surroundings are competitive for the development of automotive industry due to such establishments: an auto manufacturing cluster composed of several engine makers and 300 plus auto parts manufacturers; an automotive research and development cluster including FAW Technology Center, MI Ninth Design & Research Institute and School of Automotive Technology of Jilin University; and a post-market service zone covering China’s largest auto parts distraction center, and the largest trading center for automotive vehicles and used cars in Northeast China. 


In addition to convenient traffic, it has all necessary business and service facilities to meet the demands of different investors. In line with the requirement featuring high-level planning, high-standard construction, high-efficiency operation and high-speed development, effort will be put into making the development area an automotive development and service platform, a competitive automotive research, development and production base, a national auto parts export base, an internationally renowned center for low-cost auto parts, a domestically top-notch automotive logistics park and a new, beautiful city proper. 


On the basis of FAW Group, effort will be put into getting the functions of the development area including auto research, development and production, processing of auto parts, automotive logistics, trade and service combined together to form a complete development platform and build up an industrial cluster at the level of RMB100 million to speed up the construction of making Changchun a metropolis famous for automotive industry around the world.  


The concept of making the development area managed jointly by the city and enterprises is adopted in an effort to create a managerial pattern and a market system that can bringing into fully play the interactive functions of government, enterprise and market.


Policy Advantage: The incentives for national hi-tech industrial development zones are applicable to all hi-tech enterprises newly constructed in Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area; and the incentives for national economic and technological development zones are applicable to all foreign-funded enterprises inside the development area. All enterprises that have settled in the area and can measure up the standard of providing auxiliary services for FAW Group will be given the privilege of being on the list of auxiliary service providers of FAW Group, and taking part in research and development of products as well as in technological and operational trainings. And on the premise of same quality and price, the ones which have been listed as auxiliary service providers for FAW Group will be granted extra quotas, and will be allowed to use FAW’s research, production, information and logistics platforms. Their products, after being authenticated, can go directly into the sale and service networks of FAW Group. 


Industry Advantage: FAW Group is in a special position in China’s auto industry. Sixty years of growth has accumulated a huge space for the development of auto parts sectors and created great business opportunities for the ones engaged in post-market automotive services and others. In addition, FAW Group and FAW-VW have cultivated a wealth of experienced senior managerial talents and professional technicians. The cost and amount of labor forces are competitive as well. 


Location Advantage: Heavyweight enterprises like FAW Group, FAW-VW and FAW Jiefang are right inside the zone, which has lowered the cost of logistics.


Research Advantage: Changchun is a city famous for science, technology and culture. It has 27 higher learning institutions, 107 independent research institutes and famous automotive technology research centers such as FAW Technology Center and School of Automotive Technology of Jilin University. 


Service Advantage: The Administrative Committee of Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area is founded purposefully to serve the development of auto industry. It has a professional team that is able to provide all-round quality services in the whole process. 


By the end of 2011, 3,160 enterprises had settled in the area, including 444 industrial enterprises, 928 service sectors, 1176 retailers, 51 financial sectors and 46 agricultural sectors as well as 50 engaged in construction, 16 in real estate development and 75 in accommodation and catering. The productivity of entire vehicles had exceeded 1.2 million (FAW Group Production and Sale Plan for 2012: VW, 1.02 million; Jiefang, 120,000; Fengyue, 50,000; Others, 10,000).


Changchun Automotive Economic-Technological Development Area passed the authentication ISO9001 and ISO14001, and obtained quality and environment management certificates from China Quality Mark Certification Group on November 2, 2012, thereby laying a solid foundation for the promotion of business and investment around the world.